LG A2 vs. LG C1 TV Review, What's the difference?


As LG's OLED TVs, both the LG A2 and LG C1 TV offer similarly excellent image quality. 2021's C1 has been a popular model since its launch, while the LG A2 is this year's new model. As a result, some people don't know how to choose. This article will compare these two OLED TVs and hopefully help you make a decision.

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1. Appearance

The A2 and C1 are similar in design, both with thin black bezels, but the two TVs have different stands: the LG C1 bracket is wide and takes up a lot of space, but it is also very stable. A2 uses a V-shaped stand similar to A1.

LG A2 Design.jpg

The back of the A2 is black with an LG OLED logo, and the back of the C1 has a slot dedicated to cable management, so you can organize all the wires in a mess.

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Both TVs are very thin in the top half and thicker in the bottom half. So you can wall mount them on the wall, but you can't make them fit tightly against the wall.

2. Picture

As OLED TVs, both the LG A2 and LG C1 offer excellent contrast and picture quality. Black uniformity is excellent, perfect for watching movies or playing games in the dark. Of course we all know that OLED TVs have the risk of aging, so please be careful not to leave your TV in the same picture for long periods of time. (Care for OLED TVs to avoid burn-in and image retention)

LG Alpha 9-5 processor.jpg

Both the C1 and A2 TVs are excellent for watching movies; the A2 has an Alpha 7-5 processor, while the C1 has a more advanced Alpha 9-4 processor, and therefore better picture processing. But unless you pause the picture and look closely, there's not much difference in image quality between the two.

The advantages and disadvantages of OLED have been mentioned before QD-OLED vs. LCD vs. OLED vs QLED Pros and Cons, these two OLED TVs are self-illuminating, suitable for viewing in bright rooms, and offer a wide viewing angle. But it doesn't have high enough peak brightness and also has the risk of aging.

3. Game

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If you're a regular video gamer, both the LG A2 and C1 are perfect for you. Thanks to the fast response of the OLED panel, there's no blurring of moving images. And both TVs support ALLM.

However, the LG A2 does not have any HDMI 2.1 inputs, while the C1's four HDMI ports support HDMI 2.1. The LG A2 also does not support FreeSync, G-SYNC and HDMI Forum VRR, and the refresh rate is only 60Hz.

Therefore, the C1 is a better choice for gamers.