LG C3 VS Sony A90K OLED TV Comparison Review

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This article will compare LG C3 vs Sony A90K TVs.

LG 2023 introduces the company's new OLED TV lineup, which includes the LG M3, LG G3, and the more cost-effective LG C3. Sony Bravia XR A90K is also one of the most popular OLED TVs since its launch last year, and we'll compare the differences between these two TVs.

LG C3 VS Sony A90K: Design​

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The LG C3 still features a slim design with a very thin bezel wrapping around the screen, which is very delicate. The panel with composite material is thinner and lighter than before and will be perfect for wall mounting. The lightness of the material makes it easy to install the TV even for one person.

The LG C3 OLED is available in 42", 48", 55", 65", 77", and 83" sizes, so whether you prefer a large or small screen, you'll find the right size.

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LG offers an additional bracket option for the C3 that will be used for the SC9S Dolby Atmos soundbar, a soundbar that enhances the onboard sound of the TV. the soundbar can be mounted flush with the wall and would be a great match if you wall-mounted the C3.

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The Sony A90K has a unique and modern design that is compact but compared to the LG C3, the A90K looks a bit chunky. You can wall mount the TV to the wall using the VESA holes on the back of the panel. Or, you can use the oval legs to stand the TV up, which provides stable support for the TV panel.

The Sony A90K does not have as many options for size, with only two smaller sizes, 42", and 48". The TV's screen is wrapped in a very thin black bezel and looks great.

LG C3 VS Sony A90K: Picture Quality​

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The LG C3 is powered by the same processor as the flagship G3 model(see details in LG G3 TV Review), powered by Alpha 9 AI processor Gen 6, and comes with many image enhancement features. The OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature, for example, is capable of dividing images into 20,000 areas, thus enabling more independent optimization of image color and detail. And the AI Super Upscaling Pro feature enhances Nerfing up to 4K and reduces noise levels.

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The LG C3 does not use the same upgraded panel as the LG G3 but retains the same panel as the C2, but it still performs well. According to LG claims, the new lighting algorithm used in the new Alpha a9 Gen 6 will improve the brightness of the image, so the C3 will be brighter than the C2.

Sony XR OLED Contrast Pro technology.jpg

The Sony A90K has great picture quality, rich colors, and clear and vivid images. the A90K OLED panel features Sony's advanced XR OLED Contrast Pro technology, which combines features including an XR processor, high brightness panel, and temperature distribution mapping to deliver a higher brightness OLED.

The TV is powered by Sony Cognitive Processor XR, which identifies and enhances objects near the image while always in the background, a depth perception that simulates what the human eye sees and delivers a more realistic image.

LG C3 VS Sony A90K: System​

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The LG C3 is equipped with the latest webOS 23, which has been upgraded in terms of interface design and functionality. The home screen offers fewer content pages for easier navigation and operation. In addition, LG has added the "Quick Cards" feature, which integrates similar applications and functions for faster access.

My favorite feature is the Personalized Image Wizard, where you will get customized image calibration by LG for you by selecting eight groups of photos.

Google TV-system.jpg

The Sony A90K is not surprisingly equipped with Google TV, a smart platform that runs smoothly and is user-friendly. You can download your favorite apps and streaming services from the Google Play Store.

Sony's proprietary streaming network, Bravia Core, will also provide 24 months of streaming service.

LG C3 VS Sony A90K: Game Features​

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The LG C3 will feature four full-spec HDMI 2.1 ports with ALLM, one of which also supports eARC. the TV supports 4K/120Hz, ALLM, and VRR, providing satisfying support for gamers.

The Sony A90K has four HDMI inputs, but only two of them support HDMI 2.1 and can play 4K 120fps. If you have multiple high-bandwidth devices at the same time, you may need to drop one of them for a lower bandwidth input. The TV supports HDMI VRR and ALLM.

LG C3 VS Sony A90K: Summary​

Overall, the LG C3 is better than the Sony A90K, with higher brightness and better gaming features. If you already have the LG C2, there is no need to upgrade to the LG C3 now.


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Thanks for this. I'm going to pick up the C3. It's sad that they don't sell A90K's in the country I live in, I would of picked up the A90K if they did. I can import it from other countries but it's gonna end up costing almost twice as much the price compared to the LG C3.