lg 2023 oled tv

  1. Barend Ray

    LG C3 vs Samsung S90C TV, 2023 OLED Comparison

    This article will compare LG C3 vs Samsung S90C. Both LG and Samsung have launched their new 2023 OLED series with the latest technology from their companies to improve the quality of screen images. Samsung launched its first QD-OLED TV, the S95B, last year, and this year's S95C is its...
  2. Shelby_Compare

    LG G3 VS Samsung S95C TV Review: What's Different?

    This article will compare LG G3 VS Samsung S95C. At CES 2023 this year, both LG and Samsung lived up to their expectations by launching several new products, including the new OLED 4K TV series that introduced related new technologies. Both brands bring new technologies to their flagship 4K...
  3. EdwardKL

    LG Transparent OLED TV, launching as soon as 2024

    After LG Display proposed the idea of launching a transparent OLED TV at the beginning of the year, LG Electronics, a consumer electronics manufacturer owned by LG, may have started related research and development in the second half of the year. LG Display proposed a 55-inch transparent OLED...