LG G3 vs C3 vs Z3 vs B3 vs A3 2023 LG OLED TV, What's new?



What's New for LG G3, C3, Z3, B3, A3 2023 LG OLED TV?​

This year 2023 LG in the OLED line with 4k resolution will bring us the A3, B3, C3, and G3 models in CES 2023. How are these OLED TV performing and what's the technology? In this article, we summarize their main features and compare these models among LG G3, LG C3, LG Z3, LG B3, and LG A3 OLED TVs.
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Brightness Booster Max: G3, C3, Z3​

The flagship will be the G3 OLED Evo, which is expected to be 70% brighter than a conventional OLED television. It is say an OLED television without Evo technology, as the A3 and B3 models will be. It is also worth mentioning that the G3 model will have an integrated heat sink. LG says that this more incredible amount of brightness will be possible thanks to the inclusion of its new technology, known as Brightness Booster Max, or maximum brightness enhancer. And of course, the Z3 model with 8K resolution will also benefit from this technology.


On the other hand, the C3 model will also have an Evo panel, and will not have this maximum brightness booster technology, but simply a conventional Brightness Booster. But this will still be significantly different in terms of brightness compared to the B3 and A3 models. Some experts in the field project that the flagship model with 4k resolution, the OLED Evo G3, will be able to reach a maximum amount of brightness of approximately 2,000 nits, while others project it up to 1,500 nits.

This projection is made considering last year's G2 model that could reach a maximum amount of brightness of approximately 1000 nits with some image modes. Although LG has not yet commented on the matter, it is believed that the Brightness Booster Max technology is based on a technology known as Micro Lens Array or matrix of microlenses, which uses a tiny layer of lenses integrated into the screen to make it possible to focus the light from the OLED pixels in a more optimal way, ensuring that more of that light is directed towards people's field of vision. To know more about their processors, check out the comparison review in LG B2 vs. LG C2 vs. LG C1 OLED TV.

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Another very important aspect is that the G3 model will have a 5-year warranty on the panel, I personally would tell you lovers of brightness who still do not have so many illusions. It will be better to wait to see if all of the above would be possible. I am saying this due to what is related to the energy consumption restrictions that will begin to apply in Europe from March of 2023 because obviously generating a greater amount of brightness implies greater energy consumption.

I also think that the primary focus should be to slow down, or at least considerably reduce the risk of image retention and subsequent pixel burn-in, which is really the biggest fear that some people have for OLED technology.

Game Features Support​

On the other hand, regarding the Gaming section, what expected is that we also saw in 2022, that is, that the A3 model will not have HDMI 2.1 technology, because it will not be compatible with 120 HZ in 4k, nor will it have variable refresh rates, so it will be more focused to watch TV series or movies, while the B3 model will have two HDMI ports 2.1. Therefore, it will have a more hybrid approach, while the C3, G3 and Z3 models will have four HDMI 2.1 ports, which will be great for those who own two next-generation consoles, and also a computer with a very powerful graphics card.

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Smart Sections and Processor​

As for the smart section, LG has said that the G3, C3, and Z3 models will be the first televisions to incorporate the new sixth-generation Alfa 9 processor, which contains an improved engine with Artificial Intelligence that will allow better image scaling with better clarity and fewer pixelated parts. It is said that this new image processing technology will have an improvement in dynamic tone mapping, and it will allow better differentiation between the faces of the characters and the backgrounds that are in each scene in order to optimize the high dynamic range experience.

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LG WebOS Operating System​

As for the webOS operating system, it seems that it will mainly change the design of the settings menu. In addition, the fluidity is much better when opening and loading applications. It is also important to mention that now the Multiview function will allow the display of two devices connected to different HDMI ports, which was not possible in models from years past. As such, then it would be possible to become a Picture in Picture feature, which is great.

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Audio of 2023 LG OLED TVs​

As for the audio of the LG OLED TVs, LG has said that its Sound Pro AI technology has increased the number of supported virtual channels from 7.1.2 to 9.1.2. Also, Dolby Atmos will be supported as always, and the televisions will also be compatible with the latest sound bars of the brand that have WOW Orchestra technology to synchronize the integrated speakers of the televisions perfectly with their own audio channels.


Sizes of 2023 LG OLED TVs​

In terms of sizes, LG does not mention news in this regard. Therefore, it would be assumed that the B3 model will be available in sizes 55, 65, and 77 inches. All the C3 models in 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches, While the G3 model will be available in sizes of 55, 65, 77, 83, and 97 inches, but the 97-inch version may be only for the Europe market. The A3 model will apparently be available only in some countries in 48 sizes 55, 65, and probably 77 inches. And the Z3 8K model will only be available in 77 and 88-inch sizes.


LG OLED TVs Release Date​

As you will notice, great things are expected from LG for its televisions with OLED technology, although the exact date of release is not yet known, it will probably be by mid-2023.

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2023 LG OLED TV Specs Summary​

Check out the 2023 LG OLED TVs specs collection:
Model NameLG G3LG C3LG Z3LG B3LG A3
Released Year20232023202320232023
Sizes55", 65", 77", 83", 97" (Europe)42", 48", 55", 65", 77", 83"77", 88"55", 65", 77"48", 55", 65", 77"
Special featuresOLED Evo (MLA, OLED EX, heatsink) with Brightness Booster Max
Game Optimizer / Dashboard
Zero Gap Design
OLED Evo (OLED EX) with Brightness Booster
Game Optimizer / Dashboard
OLED Evo (MLA, OLED EX) with Brightness Booster Max
Game Optimizer / Dashboard
Gallery Design (77")
Game Optimizer / DashboardGame Optimizer / Dashboard
Refresh Rate100/120 Hz100/120 Hz100/120 Hz100/120 Hz50/60 Hz
Processorα9 AI Processor Gen6α9 AI Processor Gen6α9 AI Processor Gen6α7 AI Processor Gen6α7 AI Processor Gen6
TV platformwebOS 23webOS 23webOS 23webOS 23webOS 23
USB ports33332
HDMI4 (4x HDMI 2.1)4 (4x HDMI 2.1)4 (4x HDMI 2.1)4 (2x HDMI 2.1)3 (3x HDMI 2.0)

OLED TVs LG G3, C3, Z3, B3, and A3 are all the models that LG has released so far for 2023. The LG Z3 is an 8K TV with the highest specs of any of these models, and it is also expected to be the highest-priced model. On the other hand, LG A3 is the most common version of these models, which is designed for those who have a wired budget. As for the LG C3, LG G3, and LG B3, just like their predecessors, the LG C2, LG G2, and LG B2, have always been the most popular models. You can check the difference comparison in 2022 LG C2 vs 2021 LG C1.