Meeting Room: Projector or Big Screen TV?


Now projectors are more and more popular and the price is not as expensive as a large screen TV, so people are wondering that is a projector or a big screen projector is more suitable for a meeting room? Here is my opinion: It is recommended to choose a meeting projector for the conference room.

The projector has a large screen and is more suitable for use in a large conference room. And the projector also supports wired and wireless screen projection to connect with the computer, which is very convenient for connecting to the computer during the meeting.

Meeting Projector.png

If it is a large conference room, you must choose a projector, and a small conference room can also choose a projector.

The projection screen of the projector is large, and the screen can be seen even when sitting in the back row of the conference room. And the projector can support wired and wireless connections to the computer, which is very convenient.

In addition, the price of large screen TVs is more expensive. Large-screen TVs over 80 inches cost close to several thousand dollars, while projectors cost only a few hundred dollars. Buying a projector for a conference room will cost less than a large-screen TV.
Yes! Projection screens are much more convenient than TVs. And I recently saw a kind of electric screen on the social platform of vividstorm. When in use, it can rise from the floor. If we don't use it, it can be retracted into the housing, which is a great space saver.