My Roborock is turning on my Phillips TV


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Every morning at 4am my Philips TV (OLED856) turning itself on to Google TV - it's been driving me mad.

A quick google shows I'm not the only one having this issue, but I think I might have worked out the cause - even if it's just my case.

It's Shelia, my Roborock Q Revo, switching it on to watch as she's hoovering the living room in the early hours omegle xender !

I've had my suspicions, but went through the process being recommended by others - turn off HDMI link, Wake on Lan etc - nothing fixed it.

Decided to test my Robovac suspicion (which made me feel like a paranoid wacko) by running it in the day, and low and behold, the TV turned on.

Anyone else have this issue? The only way I can think to solve it is to use a smart plug to power off the TV whenever Shelia is doing her rounds.

I'm guessing Shelia uses an IR blaster to speak with her dock.
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