Optoma ZH406ST Laser Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro


Recently I saw that Dangbei launched a 4K laser projector for $1790, the Dangbei Mars Pro, which is very hot online these days. So I wondered how does it compare to other lasrer projectors? I compared it to the $2985 Optoma ZH406ST laser projector to see if this new laser projector is worth it.
Optoma ZH406ST Laser Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro.jpg

Model nameOptoma ZH406ST Laser ProjectorDangbei Mars Pro
Display TechnologyDLPDLP
Display chip0.65" 1080p DMD0.47" UHD DMD
Light SourceDuraCore LaserLaser(ALPD)
Brightness4200 ANSI Lumens3200ANSI Lumens
Native Resolution1080p (1920x1080)4K(3840 x 2160)
Throw Ratio0.5:11.27:1
Keystone CorrectionHorizontal/Vertical ±30°Auto
Light Source Life20000H>20000H
System/Android TV 9.0
BluetoothNOBluetooth 5.0
Motion Compensation/YES
Auto obstacle avoidanceNOYES

3.5mm Microphone*1
3D Sync*1
12-Volt Trigger*1
USB 2.0*2
3.5mm Earphone*1
SPDIF out*1

1. Appearance

In appearance, Optoma ZH406ST and Dangbei Mars Pro projectors are completely different. Like most projectors on the market, the Optoma ZH406ST projector is a flat white square, while the Dangbei Mars Pro projector is a black cube. It is said that Dangbei Mars Pro uses PC+ABS V0 grade fireproof plastic material + aluminum alloy material, so it is very comfortable to touch. I especially like the clear glass design on the top, which looks sleek and smart.

2. Image and Audio

Both Optoma ZH406ST and Dangbei Mars Pro are laser projectors with DLP technology. The difference is that Optoma ZH406ST has 4200 ANSI lumens and 1080p native resolution, while Dangbei Mars Pro has 3200 ANSI lumens and 4K native resolution. What does it mean? Specifically, Optoma ZH406ST is brighter than Dangbei Mars Pro, and Dangbei Mars Pro is clearer in the image than Optoma ZH406ST.

Dangbei Mars Pro Brightness.jpg

But aside from brightness and resolution, Dangbei Mars Pro is smarter about how it projects. For example, Dangbei Mars Pro supports auto-focus and auto-correction, and has auto-sensing and auto-avoidance functions, all of which Optoma ZH406ST projectors lack. In addition, both Optoma ZH406ST and Dangbei Mars Pro have the same two built-in 5W speakers, so they do not need external speakers.

3. System

I think the biggest difference between Optoma ZH406ST and Dangbei Mars Pro projectors is the system configuration. As an earlier projector, Optoma ZH406ST does not have its own system, and it is more suitable for connecting with other devices. And Dangbei Mars Pro is a new type of smart projector with Android 9.0. Dangbei Mars Pro can not only connect to Bluetooth and WIFI, but is also equipped with a large capacity of 4 ROM+128RAM, which is extremely rare among projector products on the market. Therefore, you can freely download various streaming apps on it and enjoy endless entertainment, just like streaming on a smart TV.

Dangbei Mars Pro Highlights.jpg

4. Connectivity

As a projector primarily for connecting external media devices, the Optoma has more ports than the Dangbei. They all have two HDIM and USB ports, which can connect our most commonly used devices, such as computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc. In addition, they also have earphones and RJ45 interfaces, which can be used to connect headphones and wired networks respectively. The above interfaces meet the basic needs of connecting equipment, but Optoma also has VGA, RS232, 3D Sync and 12-Volt trigger interfaces, which provide more possibilities to connect to the network, computer, and audio equipment.
Optoma ZH406ST Ports.jpg

4. Summary

In general, both Optoma ZH406ST and Dangbei Mars Pro projectors have ultra-high brightness and clarity, and their picture quality is outstanding among projectors.

The biggest difference is that Optoma ZH406ST, as an old projector, has a relatively simple function but provides more interfaces to connect with other devices, and it is also a short-throw projector with much higher price tag.

As a new smart projector, Dangbei Mars Pro not only inherits the advantages of the older generation of projectors but also upgrades with many personalized and intelligent functions, which are more in line with the entertainment needs of modern families.

When Optoma ZH406ST vs Dangbei Mars Pro, there is no doubt that the Dangbei projector will become the preferred home entertainment device for families.
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Definitely buy a smart projector now.
The old projector without a system is just like a monitor only for display, but the smart one like a computer, works with its own system, so you can go stream on your favored apps.