PS5 controller DualSense: How would you comment on it?


SONY revealed PS5 controller Dual Sense finally, what do you think of this cntroller? Dual Sense looks like an X -box contrllor, but it might get greater potentional due to the customizable appearance on the commercial side. I believe it may interest some famous brands to develop joint editions.



In general, it still inherits the design of the PS4 controller-both pros and cons.

It seems that Sony believes that these features belong to the PS series. Regarding the appearance of the XSX controller, there is no big change in appearance. Sony and Microsoft have their own unique design features that make them different from their competitors. But the problem is something SONY considers as a special design feature may seem a shortcoming to us,such as this joystick,which looks no different from the PS4 controller.


The actual performance of this stupid rocker that "looks concave is actually raised" is terrible. The majority of modern 3D games put two thumbs on the joystick. Since Sony ’s handle is symmetrical, the two thumbs are on the underside of the handle. Leaning on one side and not holding it well, plus this "false-convex" rocker, when you use your hand for a long time, the sweat feeling will drive you crazy. For shooting games, this requires precise control The joystick game experience will be even worse.

Of course, for some games (such as Devil May Cry), since the right thumb is mostly placed in the function area, the PS controller will be better at this time, and the XBOX controller will have the two thumbs on the same side at this time. But look at Microsoft's approach:



Microsoft's rocker is fully concave, more in line with the arc of the thumb belly. At the same time, the X1 handle has a slight protrusion around the concave part, which cooperates with the pattern around the rocker, which greatly increases the friction, so that the control of the rocker is more accurate, and even if you have sweat for a long time. Not easy to slip off.

Sony's design is actually revised, the previous PS123 joystick is fully convex:


In addition, the joystick of the Switch Pro handle is also convex, but pay attention to this joystick:


Look at this PS5 again:


Did you find the problem? There is a bump around the circle around the Pro, at least it plays a role of anti-slip; and the bump around the PS5 rocker and the outer circle is a smooth transition, the thumb can slide smoothly out of the rocker.

This time it looks like Sony really wants to make a good handle.

In the past, the typical Sony controller always added some flashy functions, such as the six-axis of the PS3 (the best one at the end is to use the six-axis to control the milk shake), the touchpad of the PS4 (the last one is used as a button), the back of the PSV Touchpad (is PSV a problem with the handle).The reason it is flashy is because it looks so beautiful that few games use this feature in the end. This is also the biggest difference between cable system innovation and Ren system innovation: Nintendo's host design and software development are synchronized, and will affect each other during the development process. The design that the software side feels necessary or unnecessary during the development process can be directly linked to the hardware Fang Ti, to change the design; and on the Sony side, Sony engineers made a few innovative designs that they thought were very coooooooool, and then threw them to several studios. We have a new function. You use it, you must use it.

Shenhai 1 toss a grenade must use six axes to aim, Shenhai Golden Abyss melee combat must draw a screen, probably this is how it came out ... Party A has new requirements, so neat, perfunctory.
Microsoft knows this very well, knowing that its hardware and software departments are split, then do n’t do anything. You see that the improvement of the X1 handle compared to the 360 handle is done without adding new functions, such as changing the four protrusions on the rocker into a circle, such as increasing shoulder vibration. On the Sony side, I really suspect that their engineers have indicators when designing the handle, for example, they must reach xx innovation points ...
This time the PS5 controller does n’t look like it ’s any longer. As a company with separate hardware and software departments, it is reasonable to do so, after all, there is only one Nintendo.

The main points here are:
1. Tactile feedback,
2. Adaptive trigge,
3. Comes with a microphone;
4. Details adjustment, trigger key angle adjustment, shoulder key becomes larger,
5. The share key becomes the create key,

It can be seen that this time it is all a design that enhances the user experience, rather than the "I think an innovation is needed here" design. Sony can finally do something normal and not "black technology" ...
Do not mention the fifth point first, after all, we don't know anything yet. The built-in Mike is a normal change made in this online game tide. And the shoulder key becomes bigger, to a certain extent comes from the influence of Miyazaki Hideo.


Several minor details changes not mentioned in the official news of PS5 controller DualSense

1. The handle is changed to USB-C interface;

2. The outer ring on the top of the rocker adds concave and convex tooth patterns to increase friction, especially to prevent this piece from becoming greasy after a long play;

3. The PS button becomes an irregular stroke (the previous generations are all round buttons with PS logo embedded);
4. The handle microphone has a mute button;

5. Carefully see that the grips on both sides are no longer a complete continuous arc surface;

6. For the first time, the four buttons of the circled square triangle are not distinguished by color, but the same color is used;
7. The area of L1 and L2 buttons has been expanded a lot.

For now, see these for the time being. From the color, structure, line and other styles of the handle, we can generally foresee that the PS5 host should also use almost the same design language to form the shape.