Resident Evil Village: only on Xbox Series X and PS5 for their power (rumor)


While rumors about Resident Evil 8 have been going around for many months, Capcom has formalized the arrival of Resident Evil Village for 2021. The opportunity to verify that the majority of serious rumors are true, but also to discover the title's plot and the first characters. Today we're talking about the likely reason why Xbox One and PS4 consoles aren't part of the platforms for game release.

Resident Evil Village: only on Xbox Series X and PS5 for their power (rumor)

Resident Evil Village, a next-gen game only, no load

It is once again Dusk Golem who asserts the information which will follow. This insider has already shared a lot of information in recent months. For example, he said that he would be released in 2021 and that Ethan will be played, which has been confirmed recently.

According to him, Capcom finally decided to make Resident Evil Village a next-gen game only when it was originally intended as a cross-gen game. The version which was running on current consoles suffered from pop-in problems, loading of textures and too long loading time. Since the game relies heavily on exploring the village, too much loading time would have penalized the gaming experience.

All these elements combined, Capcom would therefore have decided to abandon the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Resident Evil Village in favor of the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions only. The result will be a game with no loading time, and with more visuals. This is the reason