Samsung BU8500 vs Samsung BU8000: Any Differnces?


The Samsung BU8500 and Samsung BU8000 are two entry-level 4K TVs from Samsung 2022. Model-wise, these two TVs should be very identical, and they were released in the same year. But is there something different about these two TVs? Therefore, I compared the specs and appearance of Samsung BU8500 vs Samsung BU8000 as follows.

Model NameSamsung BU8500 LED TVSamsung BU8000 LED TV
Available Size55''65''43''50''55''60''65''70''75'''85''
Picture EngineCrystal Processor 4KCrystal Processor 4K
Reflash rate60Hz60Hz
Resolution3,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,160
Auto Motion PlusYESYES
HDR10,10+HDR10,Support HDR10+HDR10,Support HDR10+
ColorDynamic Crystal ColourDynamic Crystal Colour
Operating SystemTizen™Tizen™
Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital PlusYES/YESYES/YES

Samsung BU8500 vs Samsung BU8000 Appearance​

The biggest difference in appearance between the Samsung BU8500 and Samsung BU8000 is their support bases. Samsung BU8500 features a single center base to support the TV, while Samsung BU8000 has two triangular support feet. Visually, the two legs appear to be more solid. But given their height and width, both TVs still wobble. In terms of TV outside materials, they both have a slim design and a plastic body.

Samsung BU8500 Appearance​

Samsung BU8500 Appearance.jpg

Samsung BU8000 Appearance​

Samsung BU8000 Appearance.jpg

Samsung BU8500 vs Samsung BU8000 Size​

There is a significant difference in size between the Samsung BU8500 and Samsung BU8000. the Samsung BU8500 TV is only available in 55 and 65 sizes, while the Samsung BU8000 can support 6 different sizes from 43" to 85". I often suspect that this is the same TV, as they have almost the same specifications, but just offer more sizes for users to choose from.

Samsung BU8500 TV Available Sizes: 55''65''​

Samsung BU8500 TV.png

Samsung BU8000 TV Available Sizes: 43''50''55''60''65''70''75'''85''​

Samsung BU8000 TV.png

Samsung BU8500 vs Samsung BU8000 Summary​

Overall, when you compare the Samsung BU8500 vs Samsung BU8000, they are basically the same in terms of specs and features. You can read the Samsung BU8500 TV Review and Samsung BU8000 TV Review shared by users to get more details. Finally, you can choose the right TV according to your preference and the size of your living room. Calculate the best suitable size with the TV size calculator.