Samsung QD-OLED TV shipments will exceed 2 million units in 2024


Samsung expects shipments of QD-OLED TVs to break the 1 million mark next year. This means that Samsung will almost triple its shipments in 2023, and market watchers predict that Samsung will continue to increase its shipments of QD-OLED TVs in 2023 and 2024.

Samsung QD-OLED TV shipments will exceed 2 million units in 2024

Samsung's QD-OLED TV shipments in 2022 are about 450,000 units, and The Elec cites UBI Research analysts predicting that Samsung's QD-OLED TV shipments will increase to 1.3 million units in 2023. According to sources, Samsung Display has increased its QD-OLED production yield to 90% in just one year after starting mass production. In turn, Samsung Electronics raised its 2023 forecast to shipments of 1.3 million units from 1 million.

Market observers believe that in 2024, Samsung will continue to increase shipments of QD-OLED TVs. The company could cross the 2 million mark after 2023.

Combining Neo QLED and QD-OLED, Samsung TV shipments could reach around 3.8 million units in 2023. This means that QD-OLED will narrow the gap with Neo QLED TVs. Samsung expects to ship about 2.5 million Neo QLED TVs in 2023.

Not long ago, the same research firm said that Samsung Display is betting on QD-OLED technology to secure orders from other companies. Samsung Display has increased production of QD-OLED panels and hopes to secure orders from several other device makers, including Apple.


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