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  1. S

    Samsung QD-OLED and Neo QLED TVs Release Date

    Samsung launched new QD-OLED and Neo QLED TVs in South Korea on March 9, 2023, including 10 8K Neo QLED TVs, 14 4K Neo QLED TVs, and two QD-OLED TVs. According to Samsung’s official introduction, there are four different models of 8K Neo QLED TVs, QNC900, QNC850, QNC800 and QNC700. Among them...
  2. L

    What is Samsung OLED device going to release in 2023?

    Samsung plans to launch a 77-inch OLED TV and a 49-inch OLED gaming monitor in the first quarter of 2023. This means that Samsung will launch at least 3 OLED TVs and 2 OLED displays this year. Samsung has launched 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch QD-OLED TVs at CES 2023, as well as 34-inch and...
  3. Tommy_tvs

    Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV Review, What's New?

    At CES 2023, Samsung announced its latest QD-OLED TV, the Samsung S95C, a successor to last year's S95B QD-OLED. Another QD-OLED announced at the same time was the S90C, which is lower in configuration than the S95C, but also offers users more options. Samsung S95C TV Review: Release Date...
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    Samsung QD-OLED TV shipments will exceed 2 million units in 2024

    Samsung expects shipments of QD-OLED TVs to break the 1 million mark next year. This means that Samsung will almost triple its shipments in 2023, and market watchers predict that Samsung will continue to increase its shipments of QD-OLED TVs in 2023 and 2024. Samsung's QD-OLED TV shipments in...
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    Will Samsung QD-OLED screens replace OLED screens?

    Samsung Display has started developing thinner QD-OLED panels. According to Choi Joo-sun, president of Samsung Display, it has increased the yield rate of its quantum dot (QD)-based organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels to 85 percent. Will Samsung QD-OLED screens replace OLED screens?
  6. Felia

    Samsung The Serif Review: Unique and Stylised OLED TV

    Samsung The Serif TV, first released in 2019, was designed by the renowned Bouroullec brothers. This unique TV fits into any modern design room seamlessly. And the 2022 Samsung The Serif has hit the market, available in 43'' and 55'', respectively priced at $1899 and $2799. Is this unique smart...