Samsung's 2021 TV will feature LCD panels from TCL, AUO and Sharp


Samsung Display will end production of all LCD panels by the end of 2020, so from 2021, samsung TVS will use panels mainly from Chinese and Taiwanese LCD panel makers, according to south Korean media reports.

After samsung decided to stop in-house production of LCD panels for its high-end "QLED" LCD TVS and mid-end LCD TVS by the end of 2020, it will mainly buy LCD panels from TCL China's CSoT and Taiwan's au optronics.

According to industry sources at The Guru, a south Korean newspaper, an earlier report by Digitimes suggested that samsung would buy LCD TV panels from sharp, which is owned by foxconn. However, other sources do not match.

Au optronics, or AUO, is expected to be a major supplier of samsung's "QLED" 4K and 8K LCD TV panels, according to the report.

The news came as no surprise, since Samsung Display, the company's Display manufacturing arm, has been shutting down factories that make LCD TV panels for some time. As of 2019, only about a third of the LCD panels used in samsung TVS come from its own factories. Samsung also owns a stake in TCL's CSoT, which owns a stake in a Chinese factory shown by samsung.

As samsung phases out LCD technology for its TVS, it will invest billions of dollars in display technologies such as qd-oled (blue OLED with a QD color converter). It has also invested in microleds (tiny RGB leds) and is rumoured to be exploring QNED (a blue LED with a QD colour converter).

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