Seeking Comparison between Nomvdic P2000UST Projector and Vividstorm S Pro Screen Performance


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I'm currently in the process of deciding on a home theater setup, and I'm torn between the Nomvdic P2000UST projector and the Vividstorm S Pro screen. I've done some research, but I would greatly appreciate your insights and experiences with either or both of these products.

Here are a few specific points I'm interested in:

Image Quality:

How does the Nomvdic P2000UST perform in terms of color accuracy, brightness, and overall image quality?
In comparison, what can you share about the Vividstorm S Pro screen's impact on image clarity and vibrancy?
Projection Technology:

I understand the Nomvdic P2000UST uses [mention the technology, e.g., DLP or LCD]. Can anyone speak to its advantages or potential drawbacks?
For the Vividstorm S Pro screen, how does its [mention the screen technology, e.g., ambient light rejection] influence the viewing experience?
Ease of Setup:

Have you encountered any challenges setting up the Nomvdic P2000UST, or does it offer a user-friendly installation process?
Similarly, is the Vividstorm S Pro screen easy to install and configure?
Durability and Build Quality:

Any comments on the build quality of the Nomvdic P2000UST? How has it held up over time?
Likewise, for the Vividstorm S Pro screen, have you noticed any issues with durability or long-term use?
Customer Support and Warranty:

If you've had interactions with customer support for either product, could you share your experience?
Additionally, how satisfied are you with the warranty coverage provided by Nomvdic and Vividstorm?
Your feedback will be immensely helpful in making an informed decision. Feel free to share any other aspects that you think are important in comparing these two components. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!


Although I don’t know the actual performance of this projector, the vividstorm screen is trustworthy. It can make a good projector work at its best.