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    8 criteria for choosing a home theater projection screen

    Many people don't know how to choose a suitable projection screen after purchasing a home theater projector. In fact, choosing a projection screen is not that complicated. Although the classification of projection screens is relatively diversified, it can be classified according to material...
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    Portable power-storage projectors and projection screens?

    Suddenly an idea flashed through my mind, whether there is a portable power-storage projector and electric projection screen?😂
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    What does projector keystone correction mean? Does it affect the image quality?

    1. What is keystone correction In the daily use of the projector, the position of the projector should be at right angles to the projection screen as much as possible to ensure that the projection screen is square. If the perpendicularity of the two cannot be guaranteed, the screen will produce...
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    What kind of screen is good for ultra-short-throw projectors

    With the "brightness gain" effect of the cscreen, ultra short throw projector although can be projected on the screen can also be projected on the white wall, want to have a good picture is the best use with the "brightness gain" effect of the screen, so it is recommended to look at the ultra...
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    Will the screen shape have an effect on the projected picture

    In addition to the parameters of the curtain will affect the effect of the projected picture, modeling classification will also have an impact on it. Our common manual or electric curtain needs to be pulled frequently, which is easy to cause ripples on the curtain. The curtain is made of a...
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    Why Ultra Short Throw Projectors Can't Be Used With ALR Screens?

    What is an Ultra Short Throw Projector Why Ultra Short Throw Projectors Can't Be Used With ALR Screens What projector screen to use with an ultra-short throw projector What is an Ultra Short Throw Projector? The basic working principle of the ultra-short-throw projector is to emit light...