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SONY X90J Review, better than SONY 9000H?


SONY X90J TV has been compared with SONY 9000H since it had released. So as a 4k tv which is good for games, is it good? Let's see the review and what are the improvements compared with 9000H.

Appearance Design:

X90J has four sizes, 50/55/65/75 respectively, the following is XR-65X90J (65").

The front side still uses the full-screen narrow bezel design, the screen ratio is very high. The bezels and base are black, and the X90J has a sister model, the X910J, with a gold foot frame and other hardware configuration and appearance.

SONY X90J Review

The foot frame design is completely different from the previous generation of 9000H silver blade base, black metal material, frosted process, thicker. Today's SONY tv foot can be plugged directly into the TV, making them easy to install without the need for screws. In addition, the frame material is not the same, 9000H adopts the metal frame stitching process, while X90J adopts the seamless plastic edge.

SONY X90J Review

Back design:

Apart from the heat dissipation and the two speakers on the side, the biggest highlight is the icon of the XR cognitive chip on the back, which shows that the X90J is equipped with the new XR cognitive chip.

SONY X90J Review

Hardware Configuration:

All the new SONY TVS this year use MTK 5895 SOC, A73 quad-core 1.8ghz, the same SOC as last year's 9000H. All models have been upgraded to 4GB of ram and 32GB of storage.

Port aspect, like 9000H, or four HDMI, of which no. 3 and no. 4 are full blood HDMI2.1 port, and the actual measurement is connected to PS5, XSX and 3070 graphics card for 4K120HZ input, are no longer blurred picture situation.


Picture Quality:

X90J measured the screen peak brightness of 900 nits, the 65-inch version is 32 light control zones, 92%DCI-P3 color range, 120HZ screen refresh rate + sharpness dynamic, these are similar to the generation of 9000H, mainly due to the upgrade of picture quality chip, the old 9000H uses the X1 standard version, and lost the "smooth gradient" function. The new version uses a separate XR cognitive chip, which not only adds back the smooth gradient function, but also more algorithmic upgrades.

The X1 chip of 9000H is mainly analysis the picture color, contrast and detail, etc., at a fixed algorithm, optimize the image element, only the XR cognitive chip, can cross-analysis at the same time as the human brain images of a series of elements, not only can promote a picture whole, but also can use artificial intelligence algorithms, real-time analysis the main content of concern in the picture, In the skin color/light field dark field details/color performance/clarity and other aspects of deeper optimization, to obtain a brighter, more realistic picture effect, so that it is closer to the world seen by human eyes.


Let's see the comparison of picture effect of SONY X90J and SONY 9000H.

Thanks to the advanced XR contrast enhancement function brought by XR cognitive chip, X90J has a better contrast performance.





In terms of color expression, X90J's picture is more vivid, with red being redder, grass greener and sky bluer. And part of the scene color of 9000H is a little dull, not so bright as X90J.



Compared with the previous generation of 9000H, X90J is generally upgraded, mainly reflected in the hardware configuration and picture quality effect.