Sony X90K vs X91K: which is better?


Sony TV has launched this year's K series one after another, from the Sony X80K to the upcoming Sony X90K, and the next product is the Sony X91K TV, a derivative of the Sony X90K TV. What is the difference between Sony X91K and Sony X90K? Which is more cost-effective? Let's have a look.
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Sony TV X90K and X91K: What is the difference?​

1. The base color and material are different​

The base of the Sony X90K TV is silver and the bezel is black. The base of the Sony X91K TV is champagne gold, and the frame is black.

2. The memory configuration is different​

The memory of Sony X90K TV is 4GB+32G; while the memory of Sony X91K TV is 4GB+64G. The Sony X91K TV can install more software and applications, and if it is to be used as a gaming TV, the Sony X91K TV will perform better than the Sony X90K TV.

3. The price is different​

The price of the Sony X91K TV is more expensive than the Sony X90K TV, and you also need to pay attention to the price factor when choosing. If you need a large-sized TV, you can consider the Sony X90K TV.

4. Purchasing channels are different​

Online channels: Sony X90K TV and Sony X91K TV can be purchased on major e-commerce platforms.
Offline channels: You can only buy Sony X90K TVs in offline channels, but you cannot buy Sony X91K TVs, which means that Sony X91K TVs are the e-commerce version.

On the whole, if you buy a Sony TV to play games and other high-profile operations, then choose the Sony X91K TV. If it is just an ordinary home TV, choose the Sony X90K TV.

What is special about the Sony X91K TV?​

1. Appearance and accessories​

The appearance of the Sony X91K TV continues the XR pattern on the back of the previous generation Sony X95J TV. On the remote control, Sony has carried out a comprehensive revision this year, replacing it with a simple and easy-to-operate smart voice remote control.

sony tv remote.png

2. Picture quality​

(1) HDR and color​

The black level of the Sony X91K TV is better than the previous generation Sony X90J TV. The default picture color settings already have a good sense of transparency, like the image texture of last year's Sony X95J TV.

Moreover, the HDR effect and color richness are also better than the previous generation, and the overall picture is bright and textured.

(2) Brightness​

The peak brightness of the Sony X91K TV is 1000nit, which is 200nit higher than the peak value of 800nit of last year's J series TV, and the transparency of the picture is also improved.