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  1. Z

    How to reset Sony X90K TV?

    Sony X90K is an upgrade of last year's Sony X90J, providing 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch four sizes. This article will show you how to reset Sony X90K TV when your TV is not working. Method 1: 1. Press the Home button on your Sony remote. 2. Choose Settings on the home screen. 3...
  2. M

    Sony X90K vs. Sony X95K, which would you choose?

    Sony X90K and Sony X95K are both 2022 new LED TVs, which one would you choose?
  3. Shelby_Compare

    Sony X90K vs. Sony X95K vs. Sony X90J TV Comparison Review

    LED TVs have a wide color gamut and long life span, making them the first choice for many buyers when shopping for a TV. For 2022, Sony is bringing us new technology along with a new LED TV, the Sony X90K, and the X95K with Mini LED. last year's X90J is still hot this year. This article will...
  4. V

    Sony X95K vs X90K TVs, what's the difference?

    Sony has launched many new TVs in 2022, including SONY X95K and SONY X90K, so what is different between these two models? Let's take a look. Sony X95K: Sony X90K: 1. Picture quality Judging from the measured picture quality, the Sony X95K TV has higher color richness and brighter colors...
  5. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TV Comparison Reveiw

    As much-anticipated new products in 2022, Sony TVs bring us a lot of new technology. For those of you who don't know the difference between these models, I've given you a list of the four Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TVs, so let's see what the differences are...
  6. Radiohead

    How to download apps on SONY X90K TV?

    This guide will show you how to download apps on SONY X90K TV. 1. Press the Google Assistant button on your Sony remote control. 2. Say the app you want to install to Google Assistant. 3. The app will show on the screen. 4. Download the app.
  7. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X90K vs. Sony X90J TV, which is better?

    Sony X90K is definitely one of the most anticipated new products in 2022, announced during CES Sony BRAXIA XR new generation of game TV X90K series is now finally open for pre-sale, providing 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch four configurations. So it's common that users want to know is it...
  8. R

    Sony X90K, XR LCD TV in 2022

    Sony launched the Sony X90K XR LCD TV in 2022, which further optimized the algorithm of the XR cognitive chip on the new TV, bringing users more professional and immersive audio and video effects, and further upgraded speaker structure. Sony X90K has HDMI 2.1 interface, supports 4K / 120FPS...
  9. BoredMonkey

    CES 2022 OLED TV Review, Which is worth buying?

    In the momentum of the development of a variety of emerging display technologies, has previously been regarded as the next generation of display technology successor OLED TV has not been behind the trend, which can be seen in the recently concluded CES 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. 1. LG LG...