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    What's the best TV to play The Last of Us: Part 1?

    Recently, the high-definition remake of The Last of Us: Part 1 was officially released on the PS5 platform and was welcomed by many console players. Compared with the previous version, the picture quality of "The Last of Us: Part 1" has been comprehensively improved, and the more detailed...
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    Sony X90J vs X90K vs X91K Review Comparison

    Sony X90J vs X90K vs X91K, what is different? The X90J was one of the best-selling models of Sony TVs last year and is popular with young gamers for its excellent gaming performance. The X90K and X91K still focus on the gaming experience while upgrading the picture quality. X90K vs X91K...
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    Sony X90K vs X91K: which is better?

    Sony TV has launched this year's K series one after another, from the Sony X80K to the upcoming Sony X90K, and the next product is the Sony X91K TV, a derivative of the Sony X90K TV. What is the difference between Sony X91K and Sony X90K? Which is more cost-effective? Let's have a look. Sony TV...
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    Sony X91K TV vs X91J: Which is more worth buying?

    With the Sony X91K TV on the shelves, there are many people who especially want to know what is the difference between the Sony TV X91K and X91J. Is it still necessary to buy a Sony X91J TV now? So today we will do a short-answer short evaluation to see which one is more worth buying. Sony TV...
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    Sony X91K Series Gaming TV: 4K 120Hz

    Sony's new X91K series TVs are now available for pre-order, in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes. X91K has HDMI 2.1 interface, supports 4K / 120FPS input/display, VRR variable refresh rate, ALLM automatic low-latency mode, which can eliminate screen tearing and disconnection, provide smoother...