Streaming on Roku TV: What is it?


Streaming is viewing or listening to video or audio content that is sent over the Internet, or located on a network-connected media server or on a USB device plugged into the TV's USB port. With streaming, you can watch most programs on demand, when it' S convenient for you. When streaming, you can play, pause, rewind, and fast forward whatever you are watching. You can alsoareplay the last few seconds again, or turn on closed captions.( Guide on How to turn off closed caption on Peacock).

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Your Roku TV lets you choose from thousands of streaming channels that offer a huge selection of entertainment:

  • Thousands of movies and TV episodes
  • Unlimited music, live and on-demand
  • Tons of live and on-demand sports
  • Commercial-free kids programming
  • International programming in 22 languages
  • 24x7 news and in-depth news commentary
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Many streaming channels are free. ( Guide on How to Download Apps on Roku TV) Some streaming channels, like Cineplex and Amazon Instant Video, let you purchase or rent the latest movie releases or popular TV series. Some channels such as Netflix or Spotify charge a monthly subscription fee and others are free if you subscribe to a companion service through your cable or satellite provider. For example, HBO subscribers with participating broadcastTV provider accounts can add the HBO Go channel and watch it for free.

If you have an existing subscription to a service like Netflix or Spotify, you can just sign in with your existing user name and password.

To play streaming content that is available on the Internet, you add streaming channels to your Home screen. To add a streaming channel to your Home screen, use the Streaming Channels option on the Home screen menu to go to the Roku Channel Store, and then select the streaming channel you want to add. The streaming channel is then added to your Home screen, and you can watch it at any time.