Suggestions for EMOTN UI


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Because I am Chinese, I have compared with your company's parent company products Dangbei Desktop 4.0 and ATV Desktop,

1. The new version of the desktop weather forecast does not support Chinese place names. This is a bit annoying. It is a step backward. I hope that the weather can be set in the main language of the world. The background of the weather module can be set to be transparent, and can be customized and fixed at any position. Avoid covering the main part of the wallpaper.

2. All versions of EMOTN will freeze after uploading wallpapers, especially after uploading one or two hundred wallpapers, and the uploaded wallpapers will increase the size of the software, but Dangbei Desktop 4.0 will not freeze, no matter whether you upload wallpapers or not, Dangbei Fluency is better than EMOTN UI.

3. Hope to add the function of hiding the software name under the icon, which is more concise without text.

4. Improve the icon resolution and rendering. If possible, it is best to produce a 4K version of the UI, because the TV is getting bigger and bigger, and the icons are not clear and uncomfortable.

5. The size and arrangement of the icons, the radians of the four corners of the icons can be adjusted arbitrarily like ATV, and can be grouped.

6. Hope wallpaper can set any folder of the TV as the local wallpaper library, and the entire folder can be displayed like a slide show.


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