TCL A730U vs Hisense EC500U TV Review Comparison


When people consider buying a new TV, TCL and Hisense TV are always being compared to each other. So when TCL A730U vs Hisense EC500U TV, which is better? How is the TCL A730U reviewed? Is Hisense EC500U TV any good? Let's check out.

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TCL A730U vs Hisense EC500U TV Appearance​

The TCL A730U TV is made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the surface has undergone multiple processes such as polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting and anodizing, and is equipped with an all-metal die-casting bracket. In addition, its TV chip, backlight module, LCD screen, etc. are all integrated into the fuselage, and every component of the TV is precisely assembled. Despite this, it still maintains a slim body.
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Hisense EC500U TV is also very popular, and the appearance is liked by most people, so more people choose. It uses a black body with a contrasting dark silver base, and an ultra-narrow bezel with the main color.

TCL A730U vs Hisense EC500U TV Hardware configuration​

The performance of TCL A730U TV is very strong, the processor chip reaches 64 bits, 28nm process, 30 cores, 8GB+1.5GB memory. It has powerful computing, image and audio processing capabilities.
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Compared with TCL configuration, Hisense LED EC500U is better. It is equipped with a 64-bit dual-core CPU processor, a five-core GPUMali450 image processor, and contains 8GB+1.5GB of storage space. It's faster and more powerful than ever.

TCL A730U vs Hisense EC500U TV Picture and Audio​

The picture quality and sound quality of TCL A730U are very good. The resolution of the TV reaches 3840*2160, and the screen has more than 8.29 million pixels. Its pixels are 4 times that of ordinary full HD 1080P resolution, which elevates the detail of the picture to a new level.

Meanwhile, the main frequency of TCL A730U is as high as 1.8GHz. Balanced performance and power consumption can greatly improve the smoothness of system tasks, bringing stunning picture quality and immersive sound.
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Hisense EC500U TV has the same resolution and pixels as TCL, but the picture is clearer. The Hisense EC500U TV is equipped with 4KHDR, and each screen displayed will be intelligently divided into multiple areas, and the image will be bright and dark three-dimensional and clearly visible.

In terms of sound quality, it is equipped with Dolby and DTS dual decoding, and is equipped with a 3D sound processor, which makes you feel like you are in the real world.

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TCL A730U vs Hisense EC500U TV: Which is better?​

The biggest difference between Hisense and TCL is the same brand, but both TVs have a good reputation. Their picture quality and sound quality are very good, and they are completely suitable for families who like to watch movies and TV series. If you decide to buy TCL or Hisense Smart TV, you may be confused about How to Download an App on TCL Smart TV and How to Download Apps on Hisense Smart TV. The methods people share will help you use them.