TCL C12E TV with new QD-Mini LED, is it good?


2022 TCL QD-Mini LED spring conference was held as scheduled, in this conference, TCL brought a new third-generation QD-Mini LED technology and three new products using this technology, including the TCL C12E TV series, which can be seen as an upgraded version of C12.

TCL C12E TV.jpg

The third generation QD-Mini LED technology brought by TCL this time combines the display technology advantages of LCD and OLED, upgrading the surface light source to pixel-level point control light source, while following the world's leading QLED technology to achieve ultra-high contrast ratio, more accurate light control, higher brightness, and darkfield starry sky without halo, creating a new experience of TV picture quality.

Let's see what upgrade has TCL C12E TV made.

1. Appearance

TCL C12E still uses the popular full-screen design, coupled with the excellent narrow bezel design, you can see the whole screen from the front. Compared to the previous C12 series, the C12E's base uses a metal "Y" type stand, which looks more textured and stable.

2. Picture

TCL C12E TV adopts the third generation QD-Mini LED backlight technology, equipped with A++ butterfly wing super display screen, 448 partition quantum dot point light control, multi-partition precise light control technology making TCL C12E's color and the darkfield starry sky more gorgeous, supporting the whole 120Hz and Dolby Vision, creating a new experience of TV picture quality.

3. Color

The TCL C12E has a built-in Ling Yao chip M1, which allows the TCL C12E to get an overall improvement in contrast, clarity, color management, etc. It is able to work with the multi-partition backlight technology and M1 chip to make the C12E not only darker but also brighter, showing a more detailed picture with more layers.

It is worth mentioning that TCL C12E is also the first QD-Mini LED Smart Screen certified by Dolby Vision Gaming, which supports HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and other HDR format content, and the official also said that the input latency of the C12E TV can be as low as 1.5ms, if it is true then this will be one of the gaming TV If this is true, then this will be one of the best input latency in gaming TV.

4. Sound Quality

TCL C12E equipped with ONKYO 2.1 Hi-Fi audio, ONKYO audio has more than 70 years of professional precipitation in the home theater and Hi-Fi high-quality sound; and by the Golden Ear expert tuning, to bring a full range of sound field and heavenly sound, to create a true "sound immersion" immersion.

TCL brings C12E 65-inch priced at 11,999 yuan($1890), 75-inch priced at 14,999 yuan($2363), 85-inch priced at 21,999 yuan($3466). What do you think? Will you buy this TV?
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