What is QD-Mini LED in TCL X12 TV?


What is QD-Mini LED in TCL X12 TV? This article will help you understand this technology.

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Throughout the TV market in the previous years, the battle between OLED TV and QLED TV can be a good show. As a technological upgrade of LCD, QLED inherits all the advantages of LCD. By precisely controlling the different sizes of quantum dots, it can emit light of corresponding wavelengths after being excited by the external energy, so the use of quantum dot materials can achieve very pure RGB three primary colors. This enables QLED to achieve a significant improvement in color accuracy, color brightness and color gamut.

And in the past two years, MiniLED display technology has become a market buzzword again, compared with the traditional display, MiniLED will upgrade the surface light source to a pixel-level point light source, with fine light control, high contrast, high brightness, high resolution, wide color gamut, wide vision and ultra-thin and many other obvious advantages, and longer service life, it can be said that the combination of LCD and OLED display technology advantages, so it is sought after by Apple, Samsung, Huawei and much other core display and TOP technology majors.

And this time, TCL is once again at the forefront, launching the world's first MiniLED 8K Smart Screen and achieving mass production as early as 2019. 2020 is to take 90% share of the world's MiniLED TV products. At the same time, TCL added the world-leading QLED technology on top of MiniL ED to achieve an ultra-high contrast ratio.