The advantages and disadvantages of home projectors


Many people choose to buy a projector to replace the TV, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of a home projector?


1. Large picture size​

The biggest advantage of the projector is that the picture size can be large or small, and the picture can be projected very largely.

dangbei projector 250inch vs 55inch tv.jpg

(Dangbei 250-inch projector vs. 55 inch TV)​

2. Eye protection​

The projector uses diffuse reflection imaging, the picture is less harmful to the human eye, which is more eye protected.

3. Easy to move​

The projector is small and portable, and it is relatively easy to move the projector around.

4. Strong immersion in viewing​

The projector projects a large image, which makes it more immersive and cinematic when watching movies.

dangbei mars pro projector.jpg


1. Weak light resistance

The projector relies on the light source to image and shine onto the wall, so the ambient light interferes with this very much.

2. High heat​

Most of the light sources used in projectors are thermal light sources, and the heat generated is relatively large.

3. High noise level​

Because of the high heat of the projector, it needs a cooling fan to work continuously, so it will generate cooling noise. Especially lamp projectors.

4. Poor picture quality​

Projector picture quality is relatively poor display equipment compared to monitors and televisions, which is also mainly due to the display mode of the projector.