Top 10 PS4 games if not played, I would regret deeply


Host game has always been the main position of major game release, but also one of the game fans favorite. What games do you regret not playing on PS4? Let's talk about some of the games I think I must play. Most of them are exclusive games, but also some cross platform games.

Red Dead Redemption 2

1. Red Dead Redemption 2
GTA series and Red Dead games can be said to be the two gold signboards of Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been highly expected since it was announced, and the final game quality really deserves the title of gold signboard. Exquisite open world, shocking pictures, excellent plot and task system will give you a sense of immersive game experience. You can experience the life of the western world here. You can even see the decay process of animal bodies in the game.

God Of War 4

2. God Of War 4
The 2018 TGA annual game, which has changed a lot compared with the previous game. The game uses the way of "one shot to the end". The whole story is only told with one lens from the beginning to the end, with a strong sense of substitution. Lord Kui also changed from a tyrannical and cruel warrior to a responsible old father. Kuiya's transformation is moving, with a steady hand feel and a refreshing sense of attack, which is very worth playing.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn
Cyberpunk at the end of the world. I entered the PS4 for this game. The most attractive thing about horizon zero dawn is its worldview settings and pictures. The destruction of the old man left a highly civilized mechanical dinosaur, while the new man led the most primitive way of life. The protagonist, eroy, embarked on a journey to find the cause of the extinction of the old man. The world view of the game is very perfect, and the game plot is also very shocking.


4. Bloodborne
Work of Hidetaka Miyazaki. The ingenious game map design and the shocking boss war can be said to be the masterpieces of the soul system. Recommended to hardcore players and people who like to challenge themselves. Be calm, don't drop the game handle.

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice  ps4 game

5. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice
Work of Hidetaka Miyazaki. Although the protagonist has become flexible and can run, jump and go to the room. The difficulty of the game is not lower than that of the soul system at all. The fighting rhythm of wolf is faster and fiercer than that of soul system. In the later stage, it can play gorgeous combo moves through the combination of different props and skills.

Wizard 3: Wild hunt

6. Wizard 3: Wild hunt
A fascinating story, a perfect character, nothing to say. Cdpr is the best in the world. In addition, the new game "cyberpunk 2077" of CDRP is also recommended.


7. Drive Club
Pseudo real racing game, the performance of the game screen on rainy days is very good, the driving feel of the game is not outstanding. Game players who like pseudo real class can try this game.


8. Neil
When the commander of the era of machines said that human beings were dead, he found that everything he did seemed meaningless? For humanity? It's just a lie. And what can those who know the truth do? Knowing that everything is meaningless, and deceiving other people to make them believe their value. Find your own meaning in the meaningless world. But as long as you think that love is meaningful, even if all you do is meaningless, you should do it resolutely. Strongly recommends Game Soundtrack. It's not a joke to buy games and send music.

the last of us.jpg

9. The Last of US
Never liked the plot and fighting system of a game so much. Whether it's a fight scene or a plot or a variety of sneak in strategies, as long as you play the game, absolutely worth the price.


10. Uncharted 4
The game is about Derek being forced back to the world of thieves, where game players will take a new world tour with the main line of finding the legendary pirate's treasure and exposing the hidden conspiracy in history. It's easy to be tragic, especially tragic. Treasures are always hidden around the corner. When you find a dead road or a place you can climb but can't get out, there are usually treasures.

The above list is the PS4 games that I would feel regret if not playing. I don't know what is your top 10 games? Please leave a comment below.
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