TV Box Buying Guide: What should You look into when buying TV Box?


Here is the TV box buying guide for those who don't know how to choose a TV box. When you are buying a TV box, you can consider these factors.
TV Box Buying Guide.png

1. Processor​

The processor is the core of the TV box. Once there is a problem with the processor, the entire TV box is equivalent to scrap. Therefore, the processor largely determines the pros and cons of the TV box.

2. Memory​

TV box memory is divided into running memory and storage memory. The larger the running memory, the more software the TV box can run at the same time, and the less likely it will be stuck. The larger the storage memory, the more software the TV box can download, and the more space reserved for system upgrades. Therefore, the TV box memory should be selected as large as possible, especially if you want to use it for a longer time

3. Resolution​

At present, the resolution of TV boxes on the market is mainly 4K. As for 6K or 8K, it only supports decoding. That is to say, if you want to watch 8K video, you must have an 8K source. So, for ordinary home users, 4K resolution is enough.

Of course, if you are a serious film and television enthusiast and have film sources, then you can consider an 8K TV box.

4. Permissions​

Some people buy TV boxes to change systems, while others buy TV boxes to be able to easily install software. So, you have to choose a TV box with open permissions.

5. Network interface​

Try to choose a TV box with a network interface, so you can use WiFi or network cable. After all, the stability of WiFi is not as good as the network cable.

6. No ads when booting​

Some TV boxes have boot ads. If you hate boot ads, then you must pay attention. If you don't mind, you can ignore it.

These are the six factors that you should look into when buying a TV box. Hope they are helpful to you.