UST Projector Pros and Cons


Now, more and more families are buying projectors. But some people may wonder why there is still a projector that is placed against the wall? This type of projector is called an ultra-short throw(UST) projector. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of ultra-short throw projectors?

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What are the Pros of Ultra Short Throw Projectors​

1. Ultra-short-throw projectors are not limited by room size and placement distance.​

Ultra-short throw projectors maximize screen size in small rooms. The projection method of the cinema belongs to the telephoto projector. If you want to project a large screen, you need a long distance.

2. High brightness and laser light source​

Most of ultra-short-throw laser projectors use a laser as the light source. The laser light source has the advantages of high brightness and long life. Compared with the lamp projector, the use time is longer. Laser projectors last much longer than bulbs before they wear out - usually at least 20,000 hours compared to 2000-5000 hours for bulbs.

Second, laser projectors retain their brightness much better than bulbs over their lifetime. Lasers provide more of the wide color gamut associated with today's high dynamic range images than most bulb projectors.

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3. Keep the original brightness as much as possible​

The farther the projector is from a wall or screen, the more its image is "affected" by ambient light. Ultra-short-throw projectors can project images at close distances, which can largely preserve the brightness of the original images.

4. Protect your eyes and reduce screen occlusion​

If the telephoto projector is placed on the ground or on a table, the lens will be blocked by someone passing by. Eye damage may occur if you look directly at the light source. Ultra-short-throw projectors avoid looking directly at the light source as much as possible.

Dangbei Mars Pro laser 4k projector

If you use a telephoto projector, try to use a projector with a global eye protection function as much as possible, such as the Dangbei Mars Pro certified by Rheinland Blue Light, which can globally sense and automatically reduce the brightness, which will provide better eye protection.

What are Cons of Ultra Short Throw Projectors?​

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1. Expensive​

Compared with ordinary household telephoto projectors, ultra-short-throw projectors are more expensive. Regular home projectors run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, but ultra-short throw projectors are more expensive.

2. Huge body​

Compared with ordinary telephoto projectors, ultra-short-throw projectors have complex internal optical paths and complicated structures, so they are larger in size. If you want to place an ultra-short throw projector in the living room, you need a suitable TV cabinet. If you put it in the bedroom, you need to plan the location.

3. Screen Curtains are required​

We can see that most of the ultra-short-throw projectors will be used with a screen, which can make the projected picture display better.
Only with Ultra short throw projector screen can the ultra-short throw projector maximize its advantages. (ps: this screen is from vividstorm)