ViewSonic Launches New Business Projectors LS751HD and LS710HD

ViewSonic recently announced the launch of two business projectors, the LS751HD and LS710HD, tailored to modern business scenarios.

ViewSonic LS710HD projector.jpg

Both products are pure white body designs, which can be well adapted to a variety of application scenarios. They are equipped with second-generation laser light source technology and 1080p full HD resolution, which can present users with higher brightness.

The LS751HD has a 1.4-2.44 throw ratio, 1.6X wide zoom lens, plus 5300 ANSI lumens high brightness and 3000000:1 contrast ratio, even in high brightness application scenes, users can easily get clear and bright picture quality effects.

The LS710HD projector has a high brightness of 4500 ANSI lumens and a 3000000:1 contrast ratio, with a 0.49 short focal length lens, helping users to obtain a clear and large picture effect anytime, anywhere, regardless of space and venue restrictions.

ViewSonic new projector.jpg

ViewSonic LS751HD and LS710HD not only have the brightness of business projectors but are also equipped with very rich functions to meet the needs of most business users. Such as vertical automatic trapezoid, support side projection, and four Angle correction function, 90° portrait mode, and 360° projection, as well as Blu-ray 3D and left, right, up and down and other formats, can easily cope with various types of commercial application scenarios, help to improve daily work efficiency.

The new two projectors are designed for commercial scenarios, including the LS751HD with a 1.4-2.44 throw ratio and a 1.6X wide range zoom lens, which can be adapted for installation in diverse environmental locations such as business meetings and college classrooms. Especially based on 1080p Full HD resolution, and with 5300ANSI lumens high brightness and 3000000:1 contrast ratio, it is easy to get clear and bright picture quality effects even in high brightness conference rooms and other application scenes.

ViewSonic LS710HD projector is equipped with a 0.49 short focus lens, no shadow and harsh light interference, 1-meter distance can be cast 100 inches of the picture, not limited by space, to help users experience the effect of the big screen. In addition, it has 4500 ANSI lumens high brightness and 3000000:1 contrast ratio with 1080p full HD resolution, which is the choice of users in applications such as exhibition halls or banquet halls.

ViewSonic LS710HD projector interfaces.jpg

Both new projectors are equipped with second-generation laser light source technology, which is smaller in size but offers higher brightness. The energy-saving mode of the projector provides users with a light source life of up to 30,000 hours, which can last over 20 years with 4 hours of use per day.

Meanwhile, both LS751HD and LS710HD are equipped with HDR projection technology, supporting HDR10 and HLG content display. With the image quality processing engine, the projector can truly restore the rich bright color information in HDR signals, automatically adjust the brightness of each area, which can present brighter whites and deeper blacks, better contrast, and improve the sensory brightness while enhancing color accuracy.

ViewSonic LS751HD and LS710HD both feature vertical auto trapezoid, side projection support, and four-angle correction. The projector is equipped with sealed optical machine technology, which has higher reliability and supports the 7x24-hour operation. At the same time, the two products also set the ViewSonicSuperColor technology to provide a wider color gamut, both light and dark scenes can be restored to a vivid color image, the maximum return to life.

In addition, both models come with HDMI2.0 ports for 4k resolution input and display. Equipped with USB5V/1.5A power output, it can be used to power an HDMI wireless screen player or Mini player box.

ViewSonic LS751HD and ViewSonic LS710HD from UPA have a clean look, hardcore features, and reliable quality that can easily handle many types of complex business scenarios to meet the high standards of business people.