business projector

  1. OldCooper

    ViewSonic Launches New Business Projectors LS751HD and LS710HD

    ViewSonic recently announced the launch of two business projectors, the LS751HD and LS710HD, tailored to modern business scenarios. Both products are pure white body designs, which can be well adapted to a variety of application scenarios. They are equipped with second-generation laser light...
  2. R

    Business Projector vs Home Projector: what's different?

    Business projectors are generally used in the office to display PPT, pictures or text displays and some videos. Home projectors are generally used for home entertainment, such as playing movies, TV, games, etc. In addition to the different usage scenarios, what is the difference between a...
  3. L

    Panasonic PT-XZ360C Projector Review, Is it good?

    Panasonic PT-XZ360C is a business projector released by Panasonic. This projector has high brightness and a built-in 10W speaker. Now let's see the review. 1. Optical parameters Panasonic PT-XZ360C business projector uses 3LCD display technology with three LCD display panels with 1920*1200P...
  4. P

    Epson CB535w Projector User review: is it good for home?

    Epson CB535W is a short-throw projector, mainly used for business office. So is it suitable for families? Let's learn about this projector through real user experience and see how it works in real use. Epson CB535W projector use reviews 1. The Epson stuff feels very good. The previous printer...
  5. Jemma

    BenQ E582 Projector Review: A Smart Helper for Business Meetings

    The projector, which has always played an important role in the conference room, has also ushered in new changes. BenQ E582 is the most representative model in the wireless intelligent era. Compared with the single function of traditional projectors, the intelligent attributes of BenQ E582 make...
  6. Stefani

    How to choose business and home projector screen?

    To have a good projection watching experience, you need a good projector and a good curtain. I know many of you know how to choose a great projector but don't know how to choose a great curtain. So I will introduce some tips on how to choose a projection curtain. Business projector screen...