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    ViewSonic LS831WU+ UST Projector Specs Review

    ViewSonic brand projectors have always been of good quality. ViewSonic LS831WU+ is an ultra-short-throw laser office projector. It has a simple and elegant overall appearance design, which is different from the appearance of the previous ViewSonic projector. How about its parameters and...
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    ViewSonic X2 Specs Review, Good Projector for home

    ViewSonic X2 is a short-throw projector with a good performance configuration. We will share the parameters and features of ViewSonic X2 below. 1. Projection light source The ViewSonic X2 projector uses the latest solid-state LED technology. Compared with high-pressure mercury lamps, it has...
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    ViewSonic TB60K Review: 4K UST Projector with Smart System

    Recently, the ViewSonic TB60K projector was officially launched online. This product is a 4K ultra-short-throw projector equipped with an intelligent operating system. Let's see how the ViewSonic TB60K Review goes. Main smart features The ViewSonic TB60K projector adopts an all-black design in...
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    ViewSonic X1 vs X2 projectors, what's different?

    Recently, ViewSonic released new X1 and X2 projectors, the former can be installed on the ceiling, and the latter is a short-throw design that can be placed on the table. This series of projectors is 1080p resolution and supports 3100 high lumens. ViewSonic's new projector features...