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  1. OldCooper

    ViewSonic Launches New Business Projectors LS751HD and LS710HD

    ViewSonic recently announced the launch of two business projectors, the LS751HD and LS710HD, tailored to modern business scenarios. Both products are pure white body designs, which can be well adapted to a variety of application scenarios. They are equipped with second-generation laser light...
  2. C

    Enjoy Oscar Movies 2023 with the Best Portable Projector

    What’s the Best Budget Portable Projector in 2023? Are you still struggling to get a projector or a TV? Although projectors are not as good as TVs in terms of color and brightness, they bring an immersive experience and a sense of ambiance that TVs cannot replace. In this article, we have...
  3. Y

    ViewSonic LS831WU+ UST Projector Specs Review

    ViewSonic brand projectors have always been of good quality. ViewSonic LS831WU+ is an ultra-short-throw laser office projector. It has a simple and elegant overall appearance design, which is different from the appearance of the previous ViewSonic projector. How about its parameters and...
  4. K

    ViewSonic X2 Specs Review, Good Projector for home

    ViewSonic X2 is a short-throw projector with a good performance configuration. We will share the parameters and features of ViewSonic X2 below. 1. Projection light source The ViewSonic X2 projector uses the latest solid-state LED technology. Compared with high-pressure mercury lamps, it has...
  5. X

    ViewSonic TB60K Review: 4K UST Projector with Smart System

    Recently, the ViewSonic TB60K projector was officially launched online. This product is a 4K ultra-short-throw projector equipped with an intelligent operating system. Let's see how the ViewSonic TB60K Review goes. Main smart features The ViewSonic TB60K projector adopts an all-black design in...
  6. K

    ViewSonic X1 vs X2 projectors, what's different?

    Recently, ViewSonic released new X1 and X2 projectors, the former can be installed on the ceiling, and the latter is a short-throw design that can be placed on the table. This series of projectors is 1080p resolution and supports 3100 high lumens. ViewSonic's new projector features...