What are XGIMI A3 Pro Full-color laser TV features?


Recently, XGIMI officially released a full-color laser TV that claims to surpass OLED TV in color, so how is this new A3 Pro? Let's see its features.

1. Optical Parameter

XGIMI A3 Pro projector.jpg

XGIMI A3 Pro is equipped with panchromatic laser technology, which has a 132.3% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut in terms of color, as well as an ultra-high contrast ratio of 3000:1, making the overall picture more natural and natural with delicate colors.

XGIMI A3 Pro can reach 400nit ultra-high brightness with a special projector screen and a standard resolution of 4K.

2. System Parameter

XGIMI A3 Pro projector is equipped with an MTK9669 processing chip, the high-performance chip ensures smooth operation of the system and also supports decoding different types of video image signals. It comes with 4G+1T large storage.

3. Projection Parameter

xgimi a3 pro laser tv.jpg

XGIMI A3 Pro laser TV supports automatic keystone correction to ensure that the screen is square in real-time. In terms of image processing functions, it supports HDR10+HLG decoding to make the details of light and dark clear.