What is the best Smart Doorbell for Instant Notifications?


Hi all, I am kinda rattling my brain on figuring out which is the best smart home doorbell that has a decent app which sends instant motion and button push alerts to android phones.

I have been having problems in the past regarding this. At times, I get notifications which are like 10 mins late and then at most times I don't get any notifications at all! I have exhausted all measures to ensuring my android device (OnePlus 7) is optimised for the apps and cameras I have used. I.e. I have switched off battery optimation for the supported apps, in addition to setting notifications "on" and Important, to pop up during all phone profiles. Deep Clean caches etc.. and setting app Wifi password setup for the doorbells on 2.4ghz frequency, with no special characters for the password. Yet still have problems.

Many users express the same problems, though, I was hoping if anyone here could suggest a camera that has a decent app for alert notifications and what phone you have to support that. Thank you to all in advance for the responses.


Let's say the doorbell sends a SMS (message.) The carriers determine the time from the send to when your phone goes DING!

And this delay changes during the day so you can see it go faster or slower.