Why doesn't Apple produce TVs? Here's the reason

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Every once in a while, Apple is revealed to be stepping into the TV field. Apple has long been a leader in technology and design, and its products are highly regarded and recognized in the market. But while Apple has had a remarkable track record in smartphones, computers and smartwatches, it has been slow to hit the ground running in the TV industry.

Although Apple has always hinted from time to time that it will enter the field of television, the end result is that nothing has happened. We all know that TV is an important entrance to the home ecological interconnection, major manufacturers are also in recent years fast entry to take advantage of the pit, that is why Apple is slow to move, it just can not see the TV this profit? Today we will explore with you, why Apple does not enter the TV industry.

Apple can say that it has been peeping at the TV field for a long time. TV is considered to be an important entrance to the future of furniture and things and is also the focus of many manufacturers' efforts at present. Therefore, Apple is very eager to focus on this field. Moreover, according to the recollection of Walter Isaacson, the author of the biography of Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs had regarded TV as the future direction of Apple during his lifetime.

Apple's current CEO Tim Cook once also expressed his views on television sets, he believes that the current TV products have become obsolete, as obsolete as in the 70s, in other words, Apple believes that the current so-called smart TVs are not smart, and have not really changed the product attributes of TV sets, and the overall experience is not fundamentally different from 40 years ago.

Apple TV was once considered to be Apple's "pathfinder" in television, and it was only a matter of time before Apple launched a TV hardware product. But Apple TV hardware updates are slow, and it has even become something like a video platform.

Why doesn't Apple produce TVs?

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1. The difficulty of achieving profitability

Apple's gross profits are nearly the highest in the world - a research firm has previously found that Apple's smartphone sales account for 18 percent of global sales, but 92 percent of the industry's profits. On the contrary, the TV market is a highly competitive and technologically very mature market. Competition in this market is more centered on price, and Apple has always been positioned at a high price.

If Apple does not change this strategy, then the competitiveness of its products in the TV market will become very weak. In addition, because the life cycle of TVs is generally long, compared to cell phones, computers, and other products, the replacement rate of TVs is also slower, in this case, Apple also needs to consider how to ensure the profitability of the product after harnessing this market.

2. Content barriers are heavy

In the TV industry, although there are only a few brands with large market shares, there are still barriers for Apple to cross in order to enter this market.

One of the most important barriers is the control of content resources. For example, companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have formed a relative monopoly in TV content, which makes it difficult for other competitors to not only obtain competitive content but also face high prices to pay.


3. Difficult to achieve cross-genre innovation

Cook once said that the future of TV needs to meet the conditions of powerful hardware, a modern operating system, new user experience, and developer tools. This is actually the reason why the iPhone was able to beat all other cell phone manufacturers in the era when smartphones first appeared.

Apple was able to quickly become a dominant player in the cell phone industry, is by virtue of the iPhone far more than the same period of cell phone products of the user body. But even if Apple is involved in today's TV products, it is difficult to achieve any cross-era innovation.

In short, Apple has had great success in the smartphone, computer and smartwatch sectors. However, it is cautious in entering the TV industry, and everything is done to ensure the competitiveness and profitability of its products, so it is unlikely that Apple will enter the TV industry in a short time.