Xiaomi Redmi X55T 55-inch smart TV review, is it good?


Here's a look at the features of Xiaomi's Redmi X55T smart TV, which hit store shelves yesterday.

Xiaomi red I x55t smart tv

The Redmi X55T smart TV is a 55-inch 4K TV, which supports 120Hz refresh rate and 120Hz MEMC motion compensation. The chip algorithm is used to optimize the high-speed moving picture in real time, enhance the picture content, and make the motion picture more stable, smooth and clear.

The Redmi X55T smart TV will adjust the gamma curve and color temperature before leaving the factory, and △ E is about 2. Meanwhile, the Redmi X55T smart TV supports 94% DCI-P3 wide gamut and 1 billion color primary display.

The Redmi X55T Smart TV has 4 built-in speakers + 2 bass-enhanced inverted tubes, 25W independent dual-range high-power audio, dual-band harmony and balance, and dual air duct bass enhancement, which officially claims to have transparent treble and surging bass. The Redmi X55T Smart TV also supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, providing an immersive audio and visual experience.

The Redmi X55T Smart TV is certified by AMD's FreeSync Premium with 4ms ultra-low latency. At the same time, Redmi X55T Smart TV is equipped with MIGU Express cloud game platform, 40+ games can be played online without downloading.

The Redmi X55T Smart TV is powered by a quad-core A73 processor and comes with 3+32GB of storage. The Redmi X55T Smart TV also features an all aluminum sandblasted frame with a structurally balanced design metal base.

The Redmi X55T Smart TV has built-in Xiaoxia's intelligent far-field voice control and supports cell phone, laptop and third-party software screen casting. In terms of interfaces, the Redmi X55T Smart TV has HDMI 2.1 interface, USB interface and network cable interface.