1. Emma

    Samsung Introduces World's First HDR10+ Game, Set to Debut at gamescom

    In a groundbreaking collaboration with NEXON, Samsung officially launched the world's first HDR10+ game, "The First Descendant." This innovative game is set to make its debut at Gamescom in 2023, marking the first application of the HDR10+ GAMING standard in the gaming world. The HDR10+ GAMING...
  2. Appholic

    Netflix Cloud Gaming to Launch on Mac, PC, and TVs

    On August 15th, Netflix unveiled a significant move into the realm of cloud gaming with the launch of an app named "Game Controller" on iPhone and iPad. Today, the company released a blog post detailing more about the app's functionality and testing plans. Netflix stated that they will...
  3. OldCooper

    "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" Japanese pre-order players will receive spoons and forks

    Nintendo Switch platform game masterpiece "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" will be officially released on May 12, has been opened in a number of regions around the world pre-order. According to the Amazon product page information, Japanese players who pre-order The Legend of Zelda...
  4. BoredMonkey

    Why is my Wii black and white? Quick Easy Fix

    This guide will explain why is my Wii black and white and provide the solutions to fix it. The Nintendo Wii brought a groundbreaking revolution to the video game console market when it was launched in 2006. Nintendo Wii has a large number of familiar games such as the New Super Mario Brothers...