hisense uled tv

  1. Robert

    Advantages of Hisense ULED X Technology

    ULED X technologies, proposed by Hisense TV, will use a combination of QLED quantum dot technology and Mini LED technology. What are the advantages of this technology? Let's take a look. Before that, you may want to check out What is ULED X technology. According to the above principles, the...
  2. Robert

    What is ULED X technology?

    ULED X technology is a new technology proposed by Hisense TV, which uses a combination of QLED quantum dot technology and Mini LED technology. Quantum dot technology is a nano-level material that converts blue light into green and red light. This is able to improve the color reproduction...
  3. Samuel Miller

    Hisense 100E8K TV Released, 1620 MiniLED Backlight Partitions

    Recently, Hisense launched a flagship TV 100E8K, a large 100-inch TV. It features MiniLED backlight technology with 1620 physical backlight partitions and 6480 individual lamp beads, capable of achieving a stable and continuous brightness of 1600nit. Hisense 100E8K is also equipped with the...
  4. Gabe

    ULED VS LED, What's the Difference?

    The full name of ULED is Ultra-LED, which has been developed by Hisense. It is through the backlight partition technology, peak brightness technology, and backlight scan control technology, improve the LCD TV screen display quality. Simply put, ULED TVs have certain zoned light control...
  5. Felia

    How is the Hisense ULED X Mini LED 4K TV?

    At CES 2023, various TV manufacturers are scrambling to use the brightness of their products as a selling point. Now, Hisense has released its 85-inch ULEDX Mini LED 4K TV with a peak brightness of 2500 nits. The TV has 20,000 Mini LEDs and 5,000 backlight zones, and can reach a peak brightness...