What is ULED X technology?


Hisense ULED X.jpg

ULED X technology is a new technology proposed by Hisense TV, which uses a combination of QLED quantum dot technology and Mini LED technology.

Quantum dot technology is a nano-level material that converts blue light into green and red light. This is able to improve the color reproduction ability of the TV, making the picture more vivid and detailed.

The Mini LED technology can integrate more LED beads into a smaller space, making the screen clearer and brighter, and the backlight more accurate: black is deeper, white is purer, and the overall picture is sharper.

In addition, the 16-bit ambient light control technology can automatically and accurately perceive the changes in ambient light and automatically adjust the color and brightness of the screen, which is similar to the adaptive ambient light function of mobile phones to improve the overall look and feel experience.

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