1. Harry Williams

    LG Display to Supply High-End OLED TV Panels to Samsung

    According to three sources, LG Display, a South Korean company, is set to begin supplying high-end TV panels to Samsung Electronics as early as this quarter. This deal is expected to help LG Display turn its losses into profits. Two insiders with direct knowledge of the matter revealed that LG...
  2. Robert

    Samsung is expected to use LG panels to produce OLED TVs from early next year

    According to the Korea Herald, cooperation talks between Samsung and LG have resumed, with the goal of signing an agreement by the first half of this year. If the agreement is reached, Samsung is expected to start using LG panels to produce TVs from early next year. Industry sources said that...
  3. Nadia

    Global high-end TV shipments reached 15 million units in 2022

    Research agency RUNTO recently released the report "2023 Global high-end TV and display market Development Trend", the global high-end TV shipment in 2022 has reached 15 million units, the electronic paper has become an important member of the display family, the next generation of technology is...
  4. E

    QNED vs OLED Tv, Which Should You Choose?

    Newer technologies such as QNED and OLED TVs are replacing LCD and Plasma TVs when it comes to purchasing a new television. What, therefore, is the distinction? It's difficult to distinguish between the two names due to their similarity in pronunciation. Let us explain the distinctions between...
  5. Felia

    LG Z2 8K OLED 2022 Parameter Details

    It is reported that LG's first OLED TV-LG Z2 8K OLED TV is officially launched. According to official reports, this Z2 8K OLED model will be available in 77 and 88 sizes, priced at $12,500 and $24,500, respectively. Compared with the previous Z2 model, the LG Z2 TV will be equipped with 8K-level...