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  1. Tommy_tvs

    Samsung QN90A vs S95B, Neo QLED vs. QD-OLED TV Review

    This article will compare Samsung QN90A and Samsung S95B TVs. Samsung QN90A and Samsung S95B use different panel technology respectively, so each has its own characteristics, you can refer to the differences between the two TVs listed in this article to choose the right model for you. Samsung...
  2. M

    Samsung QN90A vs. Samsung QN90B TV Review, which is better?

    Samsung QN90A and Samsung QN90B are Samsung's Neo QLED TVs launched in different years. Samsung QN90B as the new 2022, what are the differences with QN90B, and what upgrades have been made? Let's see the review. Model Name Samsung QN90B Samsung QN90A Model Year 2022 2021 Display Type...
  3. C

    Best 4K TV Selection: Sony and Samsung TV for 2022

    You can easily get 4K TVs in the market because there are so many choices nowadays. Here are two brands of 4K TVs for you, Sony and Samsung, all of them perform very well in recent TVs and you can choose any brand and model you like. 1. Popular 65-inch SONY 4KTV Sony X90J Key Features...
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    Best Smart TV 2022 New Models for Samsung, LG, TCL

    Currently, there are mainly OL ED and LED TVs in today's market. They all have their own characteristics and it mainly depends on personal preference. Here are our picks for the best Samsung, LG, and TCL Smart TVs in 2022. 1. SAMSUNG Neo QLED 8K QN900A Series Main Features: ● QUANTUM MATRIX...
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    How many speakers does the QN90A have?

    How many speakers does the QN90A have?
  6. Tommy_tvs

    Samsung QN90B vs. Samsung QN90A vs. Samsung QN85B TV Review

    If you're considering buying a Samsung TV, you're probably comparing the new 2022 model to the 2021 model. The Samsung QN90B and QN90A, two different years of Neo QLED TVs, are getting a lot of attention, while the Samsung QN85B, a 2022 QLED TV, is also being compared. This article will compare...
  7. Tommy_tvs

    Samsung Q80B vs. Samsung QN90A TV Review, which is better?

    Samsung Q80B is the new Samsung 4K QLED TV in 2022 and Samsung QN90A is the 4K Neo QLED TV in 2021. Many users want to know the difference between them, so this article will compare these two 4K TVs. 1. Appearance Design The Samsung Q80B has a sleek and simple design, similar in appearance...
  8. BigZ

    Samsung Neo QLED QN90A Review

    This year, Samsung has upgraded the backlight technology of its products and launched the upgraded Neo QLED concept, integrating the current popular Mini LED backlight technology to bring a better product experience. The word "replacement" might be more suitable for this upgrade. As the...