sony x80k

  1. Shelby_Compare

    Hisense U7H vs Sony X80K Comparison Review, Which is better?

    In this article, I will compare Hisense U7H vs Sony X80K. The Hisense U7H and Sony X80K are low-cost options for LCD TVs in 2022, and despite their low prices, they still have a lot going for them. Sony is known for making expensive, high-quality screens, and the X80K is one of Sony's most...
  2. Jemma

    Is Sony X80K Good? Sony X80K Pros and Cons

    The Sony X80K series TV is positioned as a TV for daily watching movies, TV, and running smoothly. Many people think, Is Sony X80K good? Is Sony X80K worth buying? Here come out with its pros and cons. What's good in Sony X80K? First of all, the Sony X80K is equipped with Sony's intelligent...
  3. LLLisa

    How to download apps on Sony X80K TV?

    Sony X80K TV is an entry-level 4K TV released by Sony in 2022. It looks a bit spartan compared to high-end TVs, but it still comes with basic smart features such as good picture quality and an intelligent system. If you want a Sony TV without too much budget, Sony X80K TV would be a good choice...
  4. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TV Comparison Reveiw

    As much-anticipated new products in 2022, Sony TVs bring us a lot of new technology. For those of you who don't know the difference between these models, I've given you a list of the four Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TVs, so let's see what the differences are...
  5. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X80K vs. Sony X80J TV Review, what's the difference?

    The much-anticipated new Sony TV has been officially launched, and naturally, users want to compare the new model with the old one to see what upgrades and differences there are. This article will compare Sony X80K vs. Sony X80J TV to see what the differences are. 1. Appearance The old X80J's...
  6. M

    Is 2022 Sony X80K TV good?

    Sony will launch the Sony X80K TVs in mid-March. As the entry-level product of Sony TV this year, it includes several models of 43-85 inches. So how about this product? Let's take a look at the Sony X80K TV parameter configuration. 1. Picture quality The most anticipated thing about Sony TV...