Sony X90J vs X90K vs X91K Review Comparison


Sony X90J vs X90K vs X91K, what is different? The X90J was one of the best-selling models of Sony TVs last year and is popular with young gamers for its excellent gaming performance. The X90K and X91K still focus on the gaming experience while upgrading the picture quality.

X90K vs X91K Appearance​

First of all, the X90K and X91K can be said to be sibling models. The X91K is more expensive than the X90K for double the storage (64GB).
X90K vs X91K.jpg

In appearance, the two are slightly different. The bottom edge of the X90K TV bezel is black and the stand is silver, while the X91K is amber gold. Apart from these two points, there is no difference between the two.

Sony X90J vs X90K Image Effect​

From a cost-effective point of view, I prefer the X91K. After all, the TV replacement cycle is long, and the larger storage space is more durable.

Sony X90J vs X90K.jpg

In terms of picture quality, compared with the previous generation X90J, the improvement of X90K is mainly concentrated in brightness and color. The skin tones of the X90K figures are also more natural. In contrast, the realism of the X90J is weaker.

Sony X90J vs X90K character.jpg

Sony X90J vs X90K vs X91K Game Effect​

sony X90K  game mode.jpg

The X90K brings Perfect for PS5 features, including HDR auto-mapping, content-adaptive image mode. That is to say, without manual settings, the TV will automatically adjust to the optimal picture according to the content source.

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