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    Will the screen shape have an effect on the projected picture

    In addition to the parameters of the curtain will affect the effect of the projected picture, modeling classification will also have an impact on it. Our common manual or electric curtain needs to be pulled frequently, which is easy to cause ripples on the curtain. The curtain is made of a...
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    Is the projection screen gain as high as possible?

    If we want to understand the performance of the projection curtain, we must first understand the following parameters. We usually use gain to describe the reflective ability of a curtain. Project light onto a fully diffuse surface and set the reflected brightness to 1. Then, under the same...
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    REVIEW: Projection effect of BenQ 4K Projector on 100" VIVIDSTORM ALR Floor rising screen

    Projector: Benq 4k model Screen: 100" VIVIDSTORM ALR Floor rising screen VIVIDSTORM HD Obsidian long thorw Ambient Light Rejecting screen material is better than traditional white cinema screen material,binging a clearer viewing experience. Long throw high defifinition ALR screen material which...
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    How to choose the projection screen?

    Why do we need a projection screen? There may be different reasons for different consumers, but most of them cannot escape the following two reasons: "The projection does not have a screen on the white wall. It always feels like something is as the theater. People with this kind of psychology...
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    How to choose the gain of the projection screen?

    Illustrate: Projection screens are used in movies, offices, home theaters, large conferences and other occasions to display images and video files. Divided into many specifications and sizes. The selection of projection screens in different spaces is also different. For example, when there are...
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    Formovie Theatre and 120" VIVIDSTORM S PRO

    How can I extend the view to the very edge of the screen, I don't want to leave a small space at the edge that there's a frame showing. I've extended the projected view to the max with the projector's "Keystone" feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    The difference between Fresnel screen and UST ALR screen...

    Ultra-short-throw special screens are also called ultra-short-throw anti-light screens. There are currently two common types on the market: one is an UST ALR screen (linear prism structure), and the other is a Fresnel screen. Both of them is the name of two different optical structures, not a...
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    Anyone know the SIM2 Projector?

    This set up which I saw on Instagram, is very technical. The projection screen is 120inch VIVIDSTORM S PRO screen, the stereo is Devialet, and the projector is SIM2 ultra short throw projector. I love this set up! But it seems that this projector cannot be found on Amazon. Does anyone know this...
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    Is Dangbei projector suitable for outdoor use?

    When the Dangbei X3 projector was used outdoors with a 100 inch vividstorm alr floor rising screen, the effect was astounding. (y) 😮
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    Which screen material is better work for Epson CH-TZ1000 projector?

    The following four projection screen material are from VIVIDSTORM, namely Obsidian Long-Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen, 3D Obsidian Long-Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen, Cinema White screen and Pearlescent Cinema White Plus screen. Using Epson CH-TZ1000 projector, which one do you...