xgimi elfin

  1. Emma

    How to control XGIMI Elfin projector without remote control?

    How to control XGIMI Elfin projector without a remote control? Here is the guide. You may know the XGIMI Assistant app, but this app is only working for none android-based models, such as XGIMI H2. But for the XGIMI Elfin projector, please follow the steps below. 1. Make sure your phone and...
  2. Emma

    How to pair XGIMI Elfin projector to the remote control?

    How to pair the XGIMI Elfin projector to the remote control? Please follow the steps below. 1. Open your XGIMI Elfin projector. 2. Place the Bluetooth remote control within 10 cm of your XGIMI Elfin projector. 3. Press the “return” and “home” buttons on the remote control at the same...
  3. Gabe

    Samsung The Freestyle vs. XGIMI Halo vs. XGIMI Elfin vs. Emotn H1 Projector

    This article will compare 4 popular portable projectors, and you can see which one is better for you. XGIMI Halo vs. XGIMI Elfin vs. Samsung The Freestyle vs. Emotn H1 projectors. 1. Appearance As a portable projector, small and convenient to take out is certainly necessary, these four...
  4. SuperM

    XGIMI Elfin Projector Review, Portable Projector

    Many people are now starting to consider buying a home projector without having to put a huge TV in their home. Many users are looking for portability and thinness, and the XGIMI Elfin projector seems to meet the demand in terms of appearance, so is it good or not? Let's take a look at the...
  5. Adney

    How to use Netflix on XGIMI Elfin?

    You can install Netflix on your XGIMI Elfin. Method 1 1. Download and install the DesktopManager app via Google Play. 2. Allow DesktopManager to access photos, media, and files on your device. 3. Then you can install Netflix within DesktopManager. Download the "DesktopManager" app from the...
  6. Adney

    XGIMI Elfin VS. XGIMI Halo, what's their differnce?

    XGIMI Elfin and XGIMI Halo both have a brightness of 800 ANSI lumens, but the prices are pretty different, so what's their difference? model name XGIMI Halo XGIMI Elfin Display Chip DLP 0.33" DMD DLP 0.33" DMD Resolution...