7 Best AI-themed TV series Recommendation List in 2020


Artificial intelligence, also known as smart machines and machine intelligence, refers to the intelligence displayed by machines made by humans. Artificial intelligence generally refers to technologies that present human intelligence through ordinary computer programs. Looking back on decades of sci-fi genre works, the artificial intelligence on the big screen appeared in various poses, such as the killer of the classic "Terminator" series, the boxer who provided human entertainment in "Steel Armor", and the The film tells the story of the boss inviting employees to the villa to conduct a "Turing test" on the intelligent robot.

1. "West World"
Douban Rating: 8.9 (200604 people rated) "Western World" is an American science fiction western TV series broadcast on HBO, co-authored by Jonathan Nolan and wife Lisa Joy, adapted from American novelist Michael Klein The 1973 sci-fi movie of the same name by director and screenwriter, and to a lesser extent the 1976 sequel "Future World". The story is set in the future world. In a huge high-tech adult theme park, there is a machine "receptionist" that simulates real people, allowing tourists to enjoy the indulgence of sexual desire, violence and other desires. Future theme park.

The first episode is about Dele Rui and Teddy, a couple of cyborg receptionists in the theme park "Western World" being attacked by a mysterious park visitor "black man". When the receptionist behaved abnormally, lead programmer Bernard Lowe discovered that the problem came from the "meditation" code of park creator Rob Ford, causing all receptionists affected by it to stop service.


The old drama is on the stage, and the script is also very good. At least people who like this type should feel good. In the end, he should still agree with the partner ’s idea and implement it, giving them the freedom to "free" choice. . The concept is amazing, the picture is outstanding, the performance is in place, but there are still failures: 1. The story line is entangled and disturbed, there is no clear natural climax; 2. The riddle-like dialogue and dream-like editing are high-risk high-reward attempts, and the rule is called God The defeat in the first quarter is not in line with the former; 3. "Excessive explanation" is a common problem of this big pit. Ironically, the characters in the play also mentioned the "Occam's Razor" principle.

2. "Humans"
Douban score: 8.4 (30978 reviews) The British album "Real Humans" is adapted from the Swedish science fiction album "Real Humans". The story explores the future development of science and technology, humans have developed "synth" (Synth), so that these machines can help them deal with various affairs, but how much will such a move affect human society?


The heroine is "Crazy Asian Rich", "Captain Marvel" and "Minerva" Chinese British actress Chen Jing (Gemma Chan, or Yi Jiama Chen). The synth she played was bought to Hawkins's house and was responsible for assisting the hostess in housework. Although it appears to be newly created, the actual identity is not.

Co-produced by AMC and British channel 4 TV station, so it is easy to compare the episode with "Black Mirror" (the representative of channel 4 is "Black Mirror"). The style music of the episode is actually the same as the recent interesting similar theme "Mechanical Ji". For the proposition that explores whether robots will replace human values and instincts, the director has handled it very cleverly and has a feeling of talking about it. Even the three classic laws of robots have been moved out, and the way of thinking about transposition with human beings is reflected. This form of expression is quite difficult.

3. "Love, Death & Robots"
Douban Rating: 9.1 (258,474 reviews) is an American independent unit adult animated TV produced by Joshua Donan, David Finch, Jennifer Miller and Tim Miller. Each episode is produced by teams from different countries. The series is a reimagining of Fincher and Miller's long-term redevelopment of the 1981 animated science fiction film "Heavy Metal". The show is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on March 15, 2019 and will have a total of 18 episodes.


The animated short film collections of creative explosions are not suitable for the majority of children. Some plots are out of the ordinary but the overall flaws are not concealed. Various types of animation styles, realistic, extensive, martial arts, and beautiful, are very technical. After watching each episode, you have to pull back the title of the title and re-look at the title and three small icons. The details are particularly good.

4. "Almost Human"
Douban score: 7.6 (rated by 5805 people) Although it was cut after only one season of broadcasting, "Heart of Machine" was loved by many viewers when it was first aired that year.


The show is produced by JJ Abrams, who is good at creating science fiction genres, and produces the theme song himself. The story is set in 2048. At that time, the society was out of control due to the advancement of science and technology, resulting in a continuously rising crime rate. The overwhelming police therefore formulated new rules so that each human police must cooperate with the robot to handle the case.

However, the protagonist detective played by Karl Urban hates this group of robots because of the incidents he has encountered. However, his robot partner Dorian is different from what he imagined, and it seems to be more human than him.

5. "Better Than Us"
Douban score: 7.4 (reviewed by 273 people) Story Description After the advanced robot prototype Alyssa was taken to a company that produced robots, she fled due to an incident and met her little girl, Sonia. However, at this time, it was not only the business director Victor who wanted to find her at all costs, but the police investigating the murder and the liquidator of the organization that opposed the robot were also looking for her.


When the play was originally broadcast in Russia, it was actually 8 episodes in two seasons, which were broadcast one after another at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. However, after Netflix purchased international copyrights, it directly combined the two seasons into one season with a total of 16 episodes.

The first full-blown Russian science fiction TV series is like a real human being on amc TV station co-produced by Sweden and the United States. Russian science fiction movies are so high, ai is still Chinese, it seems that we have a set of robots made in China. Although the plot is a bit behind, after all, the first time I watched a Russian TV series, the completion is very high! The focus of this play is on the game between robots and consortia, and the small family is also a participant.

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6. "Person of Interest"
Douban Rating: 9.2 (reviewed by 57140 people) "Suspect Tracking" is a crime TV series produced by American CBS television station. Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams jointly created a plot structure for a total of five seasons. 103 episodes. Episode 1 tells you that you have been monitored. The government has a secret system, a "machine" that monitors you 24/7. I know, because the "machine" is made by me. I designed this machine to detect terrorist operations, but nothing can escape its eyes. Violent crimes involving ordinary people are like ordinary people like you. The government thinks these crimes are not important and they ignore them, so I decided to take action. But I need a partner who has the ability to intervene. The authorities pursued us, so we proceeded in secret. You can never find us, but whether it is the victim or the perpetrator, as long as the machine displays your number, we can find you.


Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams have joined forces. The world view of conspiracy theory is pretty good, and the narrative of each episode and the whole main line is also very impressive. However, the level of a single story is similar to that of an episode of Conan. The chemical reaction between the protagonists has done everything. The most amazing thing is that the grungy humor and the sense of justice that are too explosive are not annoying!

7. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
Douban Rating: 7.5 (reviewed by 3391 people) "Terminator Gaiden" is an American science fiction TV series based on the movie series "Terminator", produced by Warner Bros. Television, C2 Pictures, on January 13, 2008 in Fox, USA First broadcast on TV. Due to the strike of the American Screenwriting Association, the first season of nine episodes, the second season premiered on September 8, 2008, twenty-two episodes.


The background of the story of Terminator ’s biography is after the second in the Terminator series. At this time, John Connor is still a young man, and he is still in danger of being hunted down by Skynet. Therefore, his mother—that is, the portrayal center of the play—Sarah Connor needed to take her son to flee, while also training her son to become the leader of the future resistance force.
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