Dangbei NEW D3X Projector Review, Great Home Projector

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This article will show you the Dangbei NEW D3X projector review.

This projector is based on the old D3X model with upgraded features, the main upgrade points are as follows.

1. Storage space increased to 32GB, large memory can be installed for a large number of APP

2. Keystone correction and focus algorithm upgrade, more accurate

3. Increase the automatic screen function

4. Increase the function of induction eye protection

5. Support wired screencasting

6. Low latency game mode

Dangbei NEW D3X Projector Review: Design​

Dangbei NEW D3X packing.jpg

The packaging of Dangbei NEW D3X is very playful, with a lively and energetic color scheme and the keyword "happiness", which directly points out the theme of Dangbei NEW D3X. In addition to the projector, the internal manual, remote control, batteries, power cord, etc. are also included.

Dangbei NEW D3X.jpg

The Dangbei NEW D3X still uses the same panda color scheme as the D3X, which is small and square while showing its cute side when placed in the home, and does not take up too much area, so it can blend well into various environments.

The front of the projector is composed of a focusing module and a lens, and the combination of the two is more like a cute technology product smiling playfully with squinting eyes. The overall process is solid and feels delicate to the touch. The Dangbei NEW D3X uses a 0.33DMD chip, which can quickly render a clear and square picture effect through the ToF laser sensor on the left side.

Dangbei NEW D3X side design.jpg

The side is decorated with a large honeycomb cooling network, a built-in pure copper cooling system and an intelligent temperature sensing system, the two cooperate with each other to ensure better heat dissipation when the machine is working.

Dangbei NEW D3X back.jpg

The back is dominated by a large black area, with the usual expansion ports above and vertical cooling vents below. Interfaces from left to right are: fiber optic port, network port, HDMI/ARC port, and 2 USB ports, the interface is rich, you can external computer, game host or mobile hard drive, etc.

Dangbei NEW D3X Projector Review: Picture Quality​

Four primary color performance​

Dangbei NEW D3X Projector picture.jpg

In terms of red, it can be seen from this picture of lipstick that the projector controls the color very carefully, and different reds are shown.

Dangbei NEW D3X in yellow picture.jpg

In terms of yellow, in the picture of the sunflower, you can see the bees on the top of the flower stamens, and there is no confusion in the picture due to the similar colors.

Dangbei NEW D3X in green picture.jpg

The green saturation is just right, no color overexposure or too light, and the overall picture performance is good.

Dangbei NEW D3X in blue picture.jpg

The blue of the sky in the picture is relatively uniform, and the dark blue and light blue due to cloud cover can be clearly visible and distinguished, and the transition between colors is natural.

Dangbei NEW D3X picture quality.jpg

In a picture with more colors and content elements, the Dangbei NEW D3X projector can accurately display the different colors in different areas without overexposing the colors in some areas due to more colors.

Dark scene performance​

Dangbei NEW D3X in dark picture.jpg

You can see that the roof tiles are still clearly visible when playing a basically dark scene.

Dangbei NEW D3X picture performance.jpg

The projector was able to restore the skin tone of the characters as well as many details very well, including the texture of the hair and the muscle lines of the arms, and the skin tone of the sunlight in different locations on the body.

Dangbei NEW D3X Projector Review: System​

Dangbei NEW D3X dangbei os.jpg

The Dangbei NEW D3X uses Dangbei's self-developed Dangbei OS system, which is in the excellent queue for playability and freedom, and Dangbei OS has always been characterized by "light, fast and free".

Dangbei NEW D3X does not follow the trend of using the waterfall form of UI, but differs from the traditional UI design, using the left and right column form, each column can be freely deleted and sorted according to their own needs, and the interface is more concise.

Dangbei NEW D3X smart feature.jpg

In terms of intelligent features, Dangbei NEW D3X supports auto keystone correction, autofocus, auto screen alignment, auto obstacle avoidance, and other functions. In many scenarios, especially in the bedroom, the projector cannot be placed in the center position and needs to be projected sideways, so the Dangbei NEW D3X can quickly get a square image even when projected sideways.

Dangbei NEW D3X ProjectorReview: Summary​

Overall, the Dangbei NEW D3X has a brightness of 1050 ANSI lumens, solid materials, and a smooth and unique system. From the point of view of design, Dangbei NEW D3X black and white color scheme can grasp the aesthetics of young people. From the functional point of view, it has automatic focus, ladder correction, and other functions, convenient and fast.