Dangbei U1 UST Laser Projector Won The “2022 China AVF Technology Innovation Award”

On December 26, the 18th China Audio and Video Industry Forum (AVF) and "Technology Innovation Award" Award ceremony hosted by China Video Industry Association and co-organized by CTU Hi-Tech and RUNTO was held simultaneously online and offline in Beijing. The conference's theme is "Innovation energizes the industry, Smart enjoy a better life, gather the power of the global ecology, and promote digital economy".

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As an industry representative, China's intelligent large-screen leading enterprise Dangbei was invited to attend the conference to discuss the development trend of China's audio and video industry with experts, scholars, and business leaders in the field of audio and video industry, deeply analyze the path of industry innovation and help industrial upgrading and development. At the same time, the brand representative product, Dangbei ultra short throw laser projector U1, won the "Annual Technology Innovation Award 2022" by virtue of its leading edge.

According to the organizer, the "Technology Innovation Award" is the only authoritative award filed by the Ministry of Technology in the field of audio and video, aimed at recognizing the outstanding performance of enterprises in the field of audio and video innovation products, technology, application, and design, so as to improve the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of China's audio and video industry. This time, Dangbei ultra short throw laser projector U1 won the award, recognizing its product innovation and technological advancement.

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Dangbei UST laser projection U1 is one of the weighty innovative products launched by Dangbei this year. It is also a critical research achievement achieved by Dangbei in developing the smart large screen by continuously hitting users' pain points and meeting users' needs. The product has three advantages: shorter distance, lighter body, and higher brightness. Once launched, it successfully opened a new horizon in the UST field, and made the "laser intelligent micro projector" extend and develop to new fields again.

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Dangbei U1 projector continues to build on Dengbei's strength in lasers, with superior ALPD laser display technology enabling brightness up to 1250ANSI lumens, combined with higher contrast and wider color gamut, resulting in near-cinema quality color performance. It has a projection ratio of only 0.23:1 and can project 80 inches at a short distance of 25cm from the wall. The lightweight projector body can easily break the space constraint, presenting a giant screen immersive experience of audio-visual integration.

In addition, the product is equipped with the flagship chip of the same type of high-end TV, it has strong performance and smooth operation. It has built-in Dangbei OS, which serves three leading TV brands in the world. The system runs smoothly and can be customized.

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As the TOP 1 brand of the high-end home laser projector, Dangbei has strong competitiveness in the laser track and has repeatedly expanded new categories of projection to unlock new scenes of large-screen life.

Dangbei has strong competitiveness in the laser track and has repeatedly expanded new categories of projection to unlock new scenes of large screen life. From the industry benchmark Dangbei laser projection X3 to the 4K projector Dangbei laser projector X3 Pro, all products maintain strong momentum in the market. In recent years, Dangbei has given full play to the layout of the Internet of Things, AI, big data, and 5G, and applied technology to product development and manufacturing links. The application of black technology and the core algorithm is bringing extreme experience to the intelligent large-screen scene.

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At present, Dangbei is relying on the strength of content ecology and super OS self-developed system, continuous deep research and development, completing the rapid iteration of the hardware, and quickly establishing a series of product systems covering middle and high-end multi-level users. According to the "smart projection Market Data Report in the first quarter of 2022" released by RUNTO, in just three years, Dangbei has rapidly grown into the top two brands in China's smart projector market by relying on its strong large-screen software ecosystem and hardware upgradeability.

At present, China has been standing at the forefront of the development of consumer electronics industry chain innovation, as China Video Industry Association President Liu Tang Zhi said, color TV, smart wear, and other industries have won the "world first", the whole audio and video industry is having unprecedented technology reserves, laser projection, 8K ultra-high-definition display, Internet of things and other technologies have made breakthroughs.

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It is believed that the smart screen will be more diversified in the trend of consumption upgrading. Dangbei, as the definition of China's new generation of the smart screen, will also focus on technological innovation. It uses the most cutting-edge and advanced technology to bring more high-quality intelligent hardware. While satisfying users' pursuit of intelligent life, it continues to dig deeper and explore to create a more high-quality large-screen experience, which helps the audio-visual industry leapfrog development and enhances the development vitality of the audio-video field.
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