Emotn C1 Projector, 2021 Best Multimedia LCD Projector

Nowadays, there are many reasons for people to replace their televisions with projectors, larger screens that can be carried around and can be enjoyed anytime in the living room or bedroom with the family in a home theater. And as the most popular type of projector, the quality of LCD projectors on the market varies. Consumers need a brand that offers high quality, high level, and innovative projectors at an affordable price. Therefore, on this Black Friday, the young and energetic brand Emotn released the mid-to-high-end multimedia LCD projector - Emotn C1. It allows customers to buy the highest quality LCD projector at the lowest price, efficiently enhancing home happiness.

Emotn C1 Projector

1. Innovative appearance design, fashionable and practical

As a multimedia LCD projector, Emotn C1 projector is priced at $179, but it does not use cheap materials to cut costs. On the contrary, the C1 has a young and innovative design than many LCD projectors on the market, which usually have a similar appearance. C1 adopts white and fluorescent yellow coloring, the simple and energetic appearance is suitable for a variety of home scenes and brings stylish decorations to the home. The projector is specially designed with a groove on the top, which is convenient for users to place their cell phones or remote controls when mirroring the screen. The groove and the sides are made of silicone, which is skin-friendly and not easy to damage the phone. Manual focus and trapezoid correction part of the trapezoid design to prevent hand cuts.

Emotn C1 Projector

2. HD picture quality and stable screen mirroring, the most ultimate enjoyment

Emotn C1 projector has a brightness of up to 8500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 5500:1, making the picture details clear and bringing cinema-like visual effects in a dark room. Unlike other multimedia projectors, C1 supports both wired and wireless screen casting for Android phones and iPhones, giving users an additional choice. Besides, the wired connection is more stable and lag-free than the wireless connection.

Emotn C1 Projector

3. Multi-use, projector turns into Bluetooth speaker with one click

Emotn C1 has both projector mode and Bluetooth speaker mode. The projector has a built-in 5w speaker, which is tuned by the tuning team to bring excellent sound quality. Also, C1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 speaker chip, faster and more stable transmission. When switched to Bluetooth speaker mode, the optical machine will automatically turn off to completely noiseless, so the sound is purer.

Emotn C1

4. Rich interface to meet a variety of needs

Emotn C1

As a multimedia projector, Emotn C1 is equipped with a VGA, 2 USB, 2 HDMI, AV, Audio and TF or Micro SD port on the back of the body. It can meet all kinds of media connections to cast the content that consumers like. In addition to the traditional USB port, C1 is also equipped with a 5/1A power supply port, which can be used to charge the phone in case of an emergency. Tested, Emotn C1 has up to 50,000 hours of life, which is easy to use without burden.

Compared to the low-quality LCD multimedia projectors on the market, Emotn c1 has created a new standard to allow users to buy the best projector at the most cost-effective price.
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Who is Emotn?​

EMOTN is a young, energetic expert and innovator specializing in projectors, TV boxes, and Android TV applications. Their business covers both hardware and software, offering all-around service for you.

It's not a company that only sell hardware, it also provides software service, like Emotn Store and Emotn UI. The EMOTN software business not just serves users, but provides an opportunity based on API or co-branded solutions to OEM and operators.