Hisense E8H Picture Performance Share: Is Hisense E8H good?


This month, Hisense brought a brand new TV product, the E8H series, which is the annual flagship product of Hisense TV ULED X. It is equipped with a MiniLED screen, has 500+ partitions, has pixel-level precise light control, and a peak brightness of 1600nit. This is also the industry's first product with XDR display technology at the same price. The following is the real shot sharing of the Hisense TV E8H 65-inch version.

Hisense E8H Picture Performance Share: Is Hisense E8H good?

Hisense E8H Design​

The front of the Hisense TV E8H is still a full-screen shape. The 65-inch screen is matched with a very narrow frame, and it is full of screens at a glance.

Hisense E8H Design BASE

The left and right upper borders of the Hisense TV E8H are extremely narrow, and the borders also use an all-metal wire drawing process. The screen is slightly higher than the metal middle frame, similar to the floating screen design.

Hisense E8H Design angle

On the far left side of the lower border are the metal-engraved logos of Hisense and XDR. To the right, there is also a tie nameplate embellished with ice blue, which is the exclusive silk screen of the FIFA World Cup, paying tribute to the exclusive logo of the Qatar World Cup.

Hisense E8H Design base logo

On the lower right side of the front of the TV is the engraved logo of Hisense TV "ULED".

Hisense E8H Design ULED

The transparent status indicator is located slightly to the left of the center of the fuselage. On the lowermost side of the lower frame on the front of the TV, there is also a drill-cut high-brightness design, which gives the product a sense of order in design aesthetics.

Hisense E8H Design power button

On the back, the Hisense TV E8H uses a pure black backplane. The top is a large area of heat dissipation holes, and the small block slightly raised in the middle is the bass sound unit.

The Hisense TV E8H is equipped with a 2.1-channel Dolby Atmos sound and uses a new runway-type full-range sound unit. Rear-mounted 25W ultra-high power, 1.3L large-volume ultra-submersible low-weight unit. The bass can go down to 60Hz, and the total power of the speakers of the Hisense TV E8H is 49W.

Hisense E8H Design ports

The data interfaces of the Hisense TV E8H are located in the right area on the back of the TV, and the power interface is located on the left side of the back panel, and supports plugging and unplugging.

In terms of data interfaces, it includes cable TV input, digital RF interface, analog RF interface, 2 HDMI2.0, 1 HDMI2.1 full function, 2 USB2.0 interfaces and a network port. In addition, the E8H can connect an external camera through the USB interface.

All in all, Hisense TV E8H still takes the high-end route in design. The details are exquisitely designed, while the overall style is simple and versatile.

Hisense E8H Display​

In terms of display, the Hisense TV E8H is equipped with 500+ partitioned Mini LEDs, and the single-zone light control area is only 60% of that of ordinary Mini LED TVs, as well as 3000+ Mini LED lamp beads.

Hisense E8H Display

Hisense TV E8H achieves an astonishing peak brightness of 1600nits, can present images beyond the HDR standard (0.005nit-1000nit), and has the ability to achieve the ultimate dynamic range of XDR.

Hisense E8H Display 4K

In addition to Mini LED, Hisense TV E8H also adopts the "Obsidian screen" technology of an ultra-low negative LCD panel, which further suppresses the problem of ambient stray light interference. The U+ super image quality chip brings meticulous and accurate light control expressiveness and also supports real-time frame supplementation, motion enhancement, noise reduction, and other image quality processing technologies. PWM 8000Hz comfortable dimming ensures eye safety.

Hisense E8H Display 4k HDR

Hisense TV E8H has a resolution of 3840 × 2160, supports 1.07 billion color display, a dynamic contrast ratio of 10000000:1, a peak brightness of 1600 nits, a screen color gamut (DCI-P3) of 96%, and supports 144Hz refresh rate display.

Hisense E8H Display 4K Effect

In terms of hardware, the Hisense TV E8H is equipped with a quad-core A73 processor, 4+64GB storage, supports Hisense Xiaoju intelligent voice assistant, and supports 2.4G&5G dual-band WiFi.

Hisense E8H Display

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