How to choose the right port when connect Samsung TV with other devices?


If you have a Samsung TV, you may want to know how to connect it to other devices with the right port. The are many ports like HDMI, USB, and other connections like wifi, and Bluetooth. So here is the guide on how to choose the right connection methods for Samsung TVs.

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How to connect Samsung TVs to other devices in the right way?​

Here is the table for your reference. You can choose the method according to your device type. Generally, the HDMI cable connection is the most stable one, and the Bluetooth connection is the more convenient method. And if you are connecting the phone to Samsung TVs, you also can mirror the screen with Screen Sharing (Smart View), SmartThings, Apple AirPlay, NFC on TV, and Tap View.

Connected Device TypeWhat Way
Audio Device:HDMI (eARC), Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Speaker Surround Setup
Video Device:HDMI
Smartphone:Screen Sharing (Smart View), SmartThings, Apple AirPlay, NFC on TV, Tap View
PC:HDMI, Screen Sharing (Wireless), Apple AirPlay
Input Device:Remote Control, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Gamepad, USB Camera, Bluetooth Device
Game Console:HDMI


Nice guide. Choose how to connect your Sony TV according to different devices.

For commonly used equipment, such as speakers, using an HDMI connection is best.

For temporarily connected devices such as mobile phones, it is very easy to use the mirroring function.